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Each Zodiac's Worst Dinner Guest Personality

Hosting a dinner party can be really stressful stuff. First, you have to clean so thoroughly that your guest might actually believe that you live in a consistently tidy house. The big shop trip comes next, with your guests’ dietary requests in mind (there’s always one that makes it difficult), followed by a long afternoon of cooking. One word – STRESS! Well, at least you’re so prepared that nothing can ruin your perfectly-planned evening, right? Enter the guests!

As a host, you don’t really expect too much from the guests, well, because this your night and it’s your responsibility. All you expect from them is to be polite, talkative and on time. Sadly, it’s never that simple and more often than not , its because of ‘The Worst Dinner Guest.’

The Worst Dinner Guest For Each Zodiac Personality

Like most of life’s bad things, ‘The Worst Dinner Guest’ comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In preparation for you next dinner party, we’ve identified 12 of the biggest offenders and matched them to their relevant star signs, based on Zodiac personality traits. Each zodiac has its own faults which it manifests around the dinner table, but the severity of their faux-pas is a matter of personal opinion. Are you the one that has a glass too much? Or are you the guy that doesn’t get the hint that no one cares? Discover your zodiac’s dinner part personality with us now.


The Competitor

This dinner guest needs to chill out and enjoy the evening, rather than seeing it as a competition. Due to their infallible energy and enthusiasm, they feel like they’ve got to be the best at everything. Be it a friendly evening game or a story about childhood, Aries always needs to impress. Someone just came back from India? Well, you’ve visited India three times since your incredible Asia tour five years ago, right? This guest needs to show a bit of maturity and let others have their moment! No one likes sore losers.


The Fussy Eater

While they may not lack in other areas, the Taurus fussy eater refuses to eat their meal. Taurus' conservative and dogmatic attitude means they enjoy routine, so much so that they can be very stubborn in the face of change. No, they’re not allergic to any of the food, nor did they mention any dietary requirements – they just don’t eat the smallest ingredient in the dish! Now you have to look through the fridge, feeling embarrassed, for a replacement for a perfectly fine meal. Aggravating!


The Flirt

Of course, Gemini is the guest that ends up flirting with all the people that she shouldn’t. Being the natural social butterfly that they are, they slowly make their way around the dinner table, charming all the ‘happily-married’ people that they pass. Her verbal eloquence and ability to converse about almost any subject means that no one is immune to her wit. You envy her naturally extroverted personality because you realise it isn't forced.  


The Drunk and Disorderly

Wasted Cancer can be both the best and worst guest depending on your outlook. All you know for sure is that tears will be shed. For Cancer to get this drunk, something tragic has almost invariably gone wrong for them recently – usually along the lines of a pet getting ill or seeing a baby cry. Whatever the reason, its enough for the compassionate and emotionally sensitive zodiac sign  to have a drink too many. What happens thereafter is anyone’s guess, but it will definitely be intense.


The Narcissist

This dinner party guest has to be the center of attention, or else the night feels wasted for Leo. Being the proudest zodiac, Leo thrives in the spotlight as he searches for people to massage his ego. He often says he has “an amazing story that you’ve got to hear” but rarely do they live up to the hype.  When the story falls flat, the plot takes a sudden, illogical twist which you can’t help but feel is made up. You feel like saying something, but leave the arguing to Aries instead.


The Connoisseur

While other guests may look for the limelight, the Virgo connoisseur prefers one-on-one interactions where they can trap their victim. As the one of the smartest zodiacs, expect this dinner guest to ramble on about some niche topic that you don’t care about, so you just smile and nod, waiting for a savior. Try not to speak to this person with a glass of wine in-hand because you better believe they’ll critique your cheap choice of sauvignon blanc.


The Social Warrior

God bless this kind soul! Always searching for justice and harmony in life, the Libra Social Warrior brings pressing issues to the forefront of the dinner table discussion. Their eyes light up when they get onto these subject and you can really tell how much they care. Sadly, not everyone shares their enthusiasm. While these global humanitarian and social issues are very real and important, there’s a time and a place for such serious discussion - It can feel like they’re preaching sometimes.


The Passive-Aggressive Partner

This Scorpio dinner guest is the queen of being sassy, with passive-aggression her specialty. You think something serious must have happened before they left, but you’re never sure because Scorpios are so mysterious and intense. All you know is that you’re happy that you aren't their partner right now. Their secretive and occasionally resentful personality pushes them to make petty passive-aggressive comments towards their partner, which everyone hears but chooses to ignore.


The Late-Comer

This guest is a dinner party classic and arguably one of the most frustrating for the host. Being such a happy-go-lucky and laid-back zodiac sign , the Sagittarius dinner guest doesn’t see anything wrong with turning up to the dinner party slightly late. They see the 7:00 pm arrival time as a flexible guideline and think that the hosts will just be glad that they came. They eventually realise how late they are and get a move on, forgetting to pick up a customary bottle of wine. They arrive just before dessert …


The Politician

As the practical and wise zodiac that they are, the Capricorn guest appreciates the importance of politics on our lives and believes others need to be more aware. When the conversation round the table shifts towards politics, he jumps at the chance to share his opinion. This guest has a strong, polemic beliefs on current affairs and gets a bit flustered by people who sit on the fence about the issues they raise. They feel like Virgo is the only person who they can express themselves to, which says a lot.


The Early Leaver

Aquarius arrives earlier than the other guests so they can leave earlier, without feeling guilty about it. This zodiac unexpectedly comes at 6:15 pm while you’re still frantically cleaning and sits down in the most inconvenient place. When the others arrive, he seems to be in his element, making interesting conversation and being good company in general. However, they’re barely half-way through their dinner before they get up to leave, without any explanation why. You know that Aquarius guest can be inconsistent and likes their alone time - so it's no surprise, just a shame.


The People Pleaser

If we’re being completely honest, there’s not too much wrong with the Pisces dinner guest apart from the fact they’re a bit of a suck-up. This guest laughs at every joke, no matter how bad, and gives out compliments like there’s no tomorrow - even to the least deserving recipients. As a water sign, our Pisces guest intuitively understands the emotional and egotistical needs of others and does her best to fulfill them. While you appreciate her praise for your infamous cheesecake, the unconditional complementing can get a bit much.

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