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Which Zodiac Signs Split The Check On A First Date And Which Don’t?

First dates are stressful enough, but when we throw in the dreaded dilemma of paying, things become even more complicated! Certain zodiac signs are happy to pay their share on a date and do so without hesitating for a second, whereas others are a lot more reluctant in reaching for their credit card. Everything comes down to generosity. Does your zodiac sign choose to split the check on a first date or do you make awkward excuses to get out of it?

The world of dating has evolved so radically over the last few decades, that the old-fashioned rules of dating etiquette have totally been forgotten about. Traditionally when it came to a first date, men would pay and women would never even offer. Nowadays, times have changed, which leads us to confront head on the dilemma of splitting the check on a first date.

Which zodiac signs pay on a first date and which refuse?

Each of the 12 zodiac signs are extremely different and some are arguably way more generous and giving than others. Zodiac compatibility brings us together, but unfortunately can’t encourage all of us to split the bill. Discover your zodiac sign’s attitude to dating and more importantly paying on a first date. Which side does your zodiac sign belong to?

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Does your zodiac split the check?

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