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Does Your Zodiac Sign Believe In Love?

Are you a naturally skeptical person who tends to doubt everything or do you get onboard with ideas and beliefs right away? Everyone has a different romance factor and astrology really does cover the extremes with some of us totally believing in the beautiful phenomenon and others being completely dismissive of the existence of love. Which zodiac signs believe in love and which ones don’t?

We’ve probably all had moments in life when we’ve really had a hard time believing that true love exists, especially after going through a tough breakup. Although in reality, some of us never move on from these feelings and then lose our faith in the existence of love. People can be separated into two teams; those that believe in love and those that think love is a myth. Some star signs believe in this emotion more than others, are you one of the zodiac signs addicted to love?

Which zodiac signs believe in love?

As with many things in life, no two personalities are the same and we all have different views on love and romance. The most romantic zodiac signs tend to have an easier time believing in love. We’ve ranked the signs from those who truly believe to the real cynics; where do you place?

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1) Pisces

Pisces truly believes in love

Pisces is completely and utterly in love with love! Pisces people are true romantics and truly believe that one day they’ll meet their perfect soulmate and live happily ever after and lead an amazing life. The last zodiac sign dreams of a love story that would make Disney jealous!

2) Taurus

Taurus people are believers

Despite their down-to-earth and realist personalities, Taurus people can’t help but totally believe in the existence of true love and lasts forever. Taurus’ upbringing plays an important role in their perception of love.

3) Aries

Aries people are crazy about love

Aries’ fiery personality may lead you to believe that these guys are complete cynics in love, but that’s definitely not true! Aries people strongly believe in love and live for the moment that they’ll meet someone who takes their breath away.

4) Cancer

Cancer people NEED love

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are complete and utter romantics who have dreamed of falling in love ever since they were kids. When a Cancer falls in love, it’s for life and once a Cancer finds their soulmate, they’ll quickly want to start a family and create the perfect home.

5) Scorpio

Positive attitude about love

We sometimes forget that Scorpio is has a romantic and softer side underneath all the layers of their exterior personality. Scorpio people are very open to falling in love and definitely believe love is out there, but they aren’t always prepared to look for it.

6) Leo

Leos have faith that love exists

Leo is a strong believer of eternal love but isn’t very comfortable opening up about their feelings and taking things to the next level. Leos believe in love but aren’t always relationship type people and often put self-love before loving anyone else.

7) Libra

Love is real for Libra

Libra does believe in love but Libra’s lack of self-confidence can making finding love difficult. Libras tend to be too wrapped up in their own lives to be able to make time for someone else, but they do have complete faith in love.

8) Capricorn

Capricorn people are dubious about love

Capricorn tries to believe in love but really struggles to actually do so. The Capricorn personality is very logical and realistic which is why they have trouble getting onboard the love train and leaving their cynicism behind.

9) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is unsure about love

Sagittarius does believe in love to a certain extent but their idea of love involves being confident and comfortable in themselves rather than in a relationship. Sagittarius has a reputation for being one of the biggest cheaters of the zodiac and hates settling.

10) Virgo

Virgo has doubts about love

Virgo struggles to believe in real love because of previous heartbreaks and a general lack of relationship success. Virgo prefers to invest all the love they have into platonic relationships and their family setting.

11) Gemini

Geminis don't believe in true love

Gemini isn’t serious enough to believe in true love. Geminis love having fun and when it comes to ‘relationships’, they are no different. Gemini will always put passion and fun before love and serious romance.

12) Aquarius

Aquarius is the most skeptical zodiac about love

Aquarius is almost anti-love and really doesn’t believe in the fairytale love story. Aquarius is way too rational and skeptical to believe that love is real and that they’ll find their happily ever after one day. Aquarians would rather live life as it comes than anticipate finding love.

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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Yes,, i am,, pisces, sweet and lovely,,softly heart,, sensitive heart,, thats me,, coz im pisces,, Feb. 21

I'm a cancer and I don't believe in love at all in fact I find it weird and annoying, never in my life I've had a crush, and never in my life have I ever thought about marriage, I'm aromantic ASF

If you believe love doesn’t exist, it doesn’t....if you open even to a tiny possibility, and remove all that limiting skepticism, you might just find yourself in the middle of your very own beautiful happily ever after ❤️


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