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These 6 Zodiac Signs Love Animals More Than Anything Else

Animals are one of life’s greatest gifts and we would definitely be a lot less happier without them. Pets always find a way to brighten up our day and put a smile on our face. Our zodiac sign personalities have an influence on just how much we love animals. Is your zodiac sign a huge animal lover? These 6 zodiac signs love than animals more than life itself! Are you one of them?

Animals are beautiful creatures and really do bring us so much joy, laughter and amazing memories. Certain zodiac signs have such pure and strong love for animals that it literally blows us away. Are you an animal lover? We’ve studied the stars and have found the best dog breed for each zodiac sign. How intense is your level of animal love?

Animal love: These zodiac signs are the biggest animal lovers!

When it comes to animals; these 6 zodiac signs can’t resist walking past a dog on the street without going in for cuddles. Animals are definitely lots of people’s guilty pleasures, but these 6 star signs knock the ball out of the park! Are you ready to discover which zodiac signs spend 99.9% of their time day dreaming about opening an animal shelter and stalking dogs on Instagram?

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1) Aries

Aries adores animals

Despite their fiery exterior, deep down the Aries personality is one teddybear! Aries people literally melt at the sight of a puppy and that’s without even stroking one... When these guys are around animals, their sweet side definitely makes an appearance.

2) Taurus

Taurus loves animals more than people...

Being one of the most responsible zodiac signs it’s only natural for the Taurus personality to love pets. Taurus loves being surrounded by animals because they really help them to kick back and relax.

3) Cancer

Cancer needs animals in their life

The Cancer personality probably prefers animals to people if we’re being honest. Big animals, little animals, scaly animals, you name it, Cancer loves it! This zodiac sign is definitely one of the most in touch with nature.

4) Virgo

Virgo is crazy about pets

Virgo is one of the greatest animal lovers of the zodiac and often feels more comfortable around animals than people. The Virgo personality loves spending time with animals and is always overjoyed whenever they get to make a fuss of pets.

5) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is obsessed with animals

As one of the most laidback zodiac signs, the chilled Sagittarius loves nothing more than spending their free time with animals. The Sagittarius zodiac sign loves being at one with nature and unwinding with their animal friends.

6) Pisces

For Pisces animals come before everything else

Pisces is one of the most caring and compassionate zodiac signs which explains why they love animals so much. Pisces would definitely be the most likely star sign to open up a pet rescue center and ditch their day jobs to care for animals.

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