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Sleeping Positions: What Yours Reveals About Your Relationship

Ah bedtime, for some of you out there, there's no better time of the day than snuggling up to your partner in your toasty warm bed and nodding off to dreamland. Every couple drifts off to sleep differently; some sleep with their backs to each other, whereas others nod off spooning. Believe it or not, your sleeping position actually reveals lots about your relationship.

Who knew our sleeping positions actually revealed so much about the state of our relationships? Our sleeping positions actually reveal lots of information about us as people and our characters. 

Do you ever wonder what your sleeping position reveals about your relationship with your partner? Your body language in your sleep speaks volumes about your deepest feelings towards your partner and your state of mind.

What your sleeping position reveals about your relationship.

What about you and your partner? What does your sleeping position say about your relationship? Does it indicate that your relationship is strong, that you have commitment issues or underlying problems?


The spooning position is where both partners lay side-by-side, butt-to-back with the big spoon holding their partner really close.

What this says about your relationship – Spooning is a sign you and your partner are deeply attracted to each other that that your relationship is perfectly balanced.

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Both partners doze off on their own side of the bed without any contact between them and look as if they are about to take off at any minute.

What this says about your relationship – Your relationship is very balanced and you are in perfect harmony with each other.

Head on stomach

One partner lays their head on the other’s stomach and uses it as a pillow, although things can get complicated with the covers.

What this says about your relationship – Your bond is very strong and your trust is unbreakable.

Sleepy climbers

When both partners are sleeping, yet one unconsciously climbs onto the other by grabbing onto their back.

What this says about your relationship – You are perhaps holding things back in your relationship, ask yourself this, is your partner really giving you everything?

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The submissive

One partner leaves their hand resting on their SO’s knee or arm even though they are a good distance apart.

What this says about your relationship – They are two clear roles in this relationship, the hand placer is the leader and the other partner is always eager to follow.

Sleeping mime artists

Partners imitate each other’s position whilst sleeping.

What this says about your relationship – You are equals in your relationship.

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Back to back

Both partners sleep back to back with their bodies in a straight line.

What this says about your relationship – This position does not mean the relationship is doomed, but rather that the level of trust is high between the partners.

Space thief

One partner dominates all the space and even hogs the covers too.

What this says about your relationship – The partner that hogs the space is very dominant in the relationship and loves to be in control.


The lovebirds doze off on their side of the bed and the only contact they make is with their feet.

What this says about your relationship – Both partners desire intimacy and are very attached to each other, their bond is very strong.

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