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12 Totally Adorable Signs Your Partner Is Also Your Best Friend

If your partner is your best friend, then you really have hit the jackpot! Being in a relationship with someone you are madly in love with and someone you could trust with your life is in fact super rare, if this is your case, then you are one of the lucky ones. Here are 12 signs your partner is also your best friend.

You've had many friends in your life, right, but that being said you've never had a friend like your husband. One of the best kept secrets to a successful married relationship is being best friends. Is your husband your best friend? Take it from us, if your partner is also your best friend you are living the ultimate dream.

Signs your partner is your best friend

For a relationship to go the distance, friendship really is important and will really help keep the spark alive. Knowing your partner better than anyone else and being able to confide in them is a real blessing. If when you look at your partner you also see your best friend, then congratulations! Here are 12 signs to help you determine whether your husband is also your best friend.

You choose staying in with him over nights out with your gal pals

Even if you just spend the evening snuggled up on the couch watching a movie, you’d take this option over going out partying with your beloved girl friends.

Succeed in love!

You tell each other everything

Secrets between you just don’t exist. You are both exactly the same and need to share everything with each other, even when other people have sworn you to secrecy. You just can’t hide anything from him.

You both have the same hobbies

Watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones without your man would just be criminal, right? Watching episodes alone is as bad as cheating.

Restaurant deal

Whenever you head out to eat, you always know what your man wants and vice-versa. It’s like you are linked up somehow which means ordering for him is never a problem.

You love being together

You don’t necessarily need to be together all the time, but you love it when you are! When you’re out with your friends you often think to yourself it’s a shame he isn’t here, here would have found that really funny.

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Hundreds of inside jokes

Other people often have a hard time understanding what you are even talking about and why you are both laughing so hard. They don’t know which words trigger giggling fits.

Secret handshakes

Having a secret handshake that is actually quite acrobatic is obviously of great importance.

Same wave length

You know each really well and he doesn’t have to say anything for you to understand exactly what he’s thinking. A simple look reveal his deepest darkest thoughts.

Agony aunts

Your man is your go-to person whenever you are in doubt or unsure of what to do. When your partner has a problem you are the first person he talks to about it because you are way more than just a couple, you are a team.

Are you the perfect match?

You’ve come through difficult times

Love isn’t always a walk in the park, but whenever you have been faced with problems, you have come through them stronger and more in love than ever.

You finish each other’s sentences

You know each other so well that you can actually anticipate what your partner is going to say and how he is going to react when faced with different situations.

Laughing bug

You know exactly which crazy dance or rubbish impression to do to get your man crying with laughter. Making a fool of yourself is not a problem for you in your relationship.

Is love in the air?

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