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Toxic Relationship: 20 Signs YOU Are The Toxic Person In Your Relationship

If you constantly blame your partner for all your relationship problems and can never seem to recognize the role you play in the drama, then perhaps it’s time you looked in the mirror and asked yourself some difficult questions like, am I the toxic one in my relationship? Coming to the realization that you are the toxic person in your relationship isn’t easy, but trust us, it’s a necessary step if you want to save your relationship.

As relationships progress and partners become more and more comfortable with each other, negativity and toxic behavior can begin to seep through the cracks. Are you often negative? Does your behavior often harm your relationship and hurt your partner? There are just some of the signs you are the toxic person in your relationship.

Signs you are the toxic person in the relationship!

It's hard to really realize you are a toxic person, let alone admit it! Toxic relationships are hurtful and can destroy people's confidence and self-esteem, but not all hope is lost, there are ways to turn things around! The first step to recovery is admitting you are a toxic person.

You constantly start the arguments

If your behavior and actions are often at the root of your arguments with your partner, then we have news for you, you are the problem in the relationship, not your partner!

You never listen

Not takings things on board and just doing your own thing can at times be the start of a vicious circle of tension and fights. Failing to listen means your communication is off!

You put other people before your partner

Not making your partner your number one priority will lead to instant disaster as well as lots of uneasiness and jealousy. Solid relationships work on the basis that both partners put each other first, not last…

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You have trouble apologizing

Let’s be honest, no one likes apologizing, but at times for a relationship to work, you need to just swallow your pride, bite the bullet and say sorry. If you never apologize, you will eventually push your partner away.

You go from 0 to 100 really fast

Being in a healthy relationship means that even if you disagree with each other, you are still able to talk things through like rational adults. If everything your partner does makes you super mad, then your toxic energy will break your relationship down.

You involve other people in your relationship

Relationships are private which means the intimacy needs to be respected. Telling your ten closest girlfriends about every little disagreement you have will have a deeply toxic effect on your relationship with your partner.

You are negative

Negativity is one of the most common relationship killers today. Negative attitudes and vibes in a relationship are extremely toxic and will make both partners unhappy in the long-term, so when you’re down, turn that frown upside down.

You never open up

Being overly private and having walls up around your partner will lead to trust issues and communication problems. Not sharing your feelings will hang over your relationship like a toxic black cloud.

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You are too sensitive

There’s nothing wrong with being sensitive, but in a relationship you have to be able to distinguish what’s said in a jokey manner and what’s serious. Taking everything to heart and getting angry and upset won’t help strengthen your relationship.

You love drama

We live in a very drama filled society, but that doesn’t mean you should introduce drama into your relationship. Arguing and bickering for the sake of it is totally toxic and will lead to the breakdown of your relationship.

You compare everything

Putting pressure on your relationship by comparing your partner to other people is definitely very negative and even hurtful. Constantly comparing things is like saying you are unhappy and that your partner isn’t good enough.

You are too demanding

Successful relationships are all about give and take and simply can’t work if you are too demanding. Demanding things will plunge your relationship into a negative zone and will add a serious dose of toxicity to the mix.

You don’t know what you want

Not being certain about what you want from the future will force your relationship into limbo. For a relationship to avoid falling into the trap of negativity, both partners need to be on the same page about the future. Living with doubt hanging over you is super toxic.

What does your destiny hold?

You love nitpicking

If you constantly criticize everything your partner does and are never satisfied with their efforts, then newsflash you are the problem here! Being more accepting and understanding will make your relationship a whole lot stronger.

You aren’t happy in yourself

Not being happy in yourself will have a toxic knock-on effect on your relationship. Feelings of unhappiness and discontentment will seep into your relationship and create a huge divide between you and your partner.

You want to ‘improve’ on your partner

Whether you do it unconsciously or not, your comments about wanting to change the way your man dresses for example are super toxic and will lead your man to eventually resent you.

You are obsessed with social media

Without you even realizing it, social media will push you away from your partner and fill your head will fake relationship expectations. Live your relationship for you, not for your followers.

Is love in the air?

You never take responsibility

It’s as simple as this, if you never take responsibility for your actions and choices, you are preventing your relationship from growing and not to mention putting a negative spin on things.

You avoid conflict

Believe it or not, conflict can actually be healthy and constructive. No, we’re not saying that yelling at each other at the top of your lungs is the best way to resolve issues, but disagreeing with your partner can be the wakeup call you need to stop the toxic behavior.

You aren’t honest

Not opening up and revealing how you really feel about things will not only confuse your partner, but will also create an invisible wall between you, which in the end will frustrate you.

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