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Tinder Dating: Warning! These Bad Tinder Dates Will Leave You Speechless

Tinder dating has taken the world of Internet dating by storm over recent years and matches around 26 million couples a day! Who would have thought that an app could be so successful in the love department? No one can deny how popular Internet dating is, but that’s not to say that every date is an awkward free experience. Check out the terrible Tinder dates people have endured, here!

First dates are always stressful and meeting a new person is naturally going to be difficult at first. Internet dating definitely doesn’t make you immune to disaster dates! Check out the worst Tinder dates ever!

Tinder dating: We reveal the worst Tinder dates EVER!

Online dating just turned ugly and the digital age really has made things a whole lot more complicated for some! Ready for a good giggle? Check out some of the worst Tinder dating experiences ever! Hey, if we didn't laugh about it we'd cry!

Cat man

‘My friend and I recently signed up for Tinder and ended up going on a double date with 2 guys we’d matched with. When we got to my dates apartment, his love for cats become awkwardly obvious; there were cat tributes everywhere, including in the bathroom!’ - Laurie, 32.

The no longer adolescent Hannah Montana fan

‘My worst Tinder experience was with a guy who LOVED Hannah Montana, so much so that his place was full of memorabilia. Let’s just say we didn’t see each other again afterwards and it will go down in history as my most awkward date.’ - Carly, 28.

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Is it bedtime yet?

‘My worst online dating experience was when I invited a guy I had met on Tinder over to my place and he fell asleep on my couch for the whole evening! The worst part was I didn’t dare wake him up and he ended up running out the next morning.’ - Jessica, 30.

Lazy, lazy, lazy!

‘I’ll never be able to forget about my date Paul, who had invited me over to his apartment for a romantic dinner, which sounded great! The thing was when I arrived, I quickly figured out that he wanted me to cook. How romantic!’ - Clara, 35.

Romance killer

‘I was a little hesitant about trying out online dating and after my date with Ryan I have taken an oath to never do it again. Things were going really well on my date with him until he got sick on me and my new dress!’  - Adele, 35.

Leave bad dating experiences in the past.

Curiosity killed the cat

‘Spending an evening with a guy who asked me tons of questions about how much I earned has really turned me off online dating. Where’s the privacy?’ - Ashley, 34.

Incredible sulk

‘My gorgeous Tinder date turned out to be a huge man child. We’d decided to go to a restaurant for a bite to eat, but unfortunately the server spilled some water on his shirt, which set my date off! The guy ended up complaining to me about it for over 2 hours!’ - Holly, 33.

Parent trap

‘Some people like to take relationships quickly, but the guy I recently dated wanted to take things at lightning speed, so he introduced me to his Mom on our first date!’ - Diana, 36.

Find your soulmate.

Stood up

‘I was really excited about my date with Alex and spent hours getting ready and making myself look great, only to discover that he had stood me up.’ - Alison, 33.

Awkward lack of culture

‘Everything was going so well, right up until the moment where my Tinder date couldn’t name the US President, then things got really awkward and I took off.’ - Rebecca, 34.

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