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These 5 Zodiac Signs Are The Worst Losers

Thereโ€™s nothing wrong with trying your hardest and doing your best to win, but it is equally as important to be gracious in defeat. One of the biggest parts of maturing and growing up is learning how to lose โ€“ we all remember that one kid who took games way to seriously. Just as with their positive traits, this is usually linked to their zodiac sign. If you know someone who doesnโ€™t take losing well, they probably belonging to one of these 5 zodiac signs.

When an adult still shows signs of being a bad loser, it’s usually a sign of both immaturity and ego and is an unattractive quality to say the least. The worst part about sore-losers is that they feel justified in their reaction and often can’t see how they’re being unreasonable. Which of the zodiac signs are bad losers?

These 5 zodiac signs are the worst losers ever!

Sore-losers come in different shapes and sizes. There are those who blame luck and referees, some who blame team-mates and others who blame themselves. Reactions to defeat can vary from sarcasm to anger and even sadness. The one thing that all sore-losers share is their inability to lose in a respectable manner and just get on with life. We’ve listed the 5 zodiacs which taking losing the worst. Is yours on the list?

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1) Leo


It should come as no surprise that the Leo personality takes the top spot as the worst loser among the Zodiacs. Born leaders, they see it as their right to win and take responsibility in group dynamics. While they like to lead by example, their behavior in defeat is not a trait to emulate. Being the proudest personality, they often let their ego blind them from the fact they lost fair and square.

2) Aries

Overly Eager

While the Aries personality isn't quite as proud as Leo’s, they’re arguably the more competitive of the two. Aries’ impulsive and energetic nature means that they take up any and every opportunity to compete, with only one thing in mind – Victory!!! Sadly, you can’t win all the time and Aries don’t react well to this fact. When things go wrong, expect them to look around for excuses or other people to blame.

3) Taurus


Perhaps a surprise pick to be so high on the list, but Taurus personality can be some of the worst losers. While they are known for their patience and reliability, it’s important to remember they’re still bulls capable of wreaking havoc when they see red. A bit of badly-timed sporting banter is all it can take to trigger their angry side and you better believe that their stubborn streak means they won’t back down easily.

4. Capricorn


Boasting a whole lot of practicality and common-sense, the Capricorn personality is very realistic in their goals and expectations and nothing changes when it comes to competition. As members of the Earth sign, our Capricorn friends are often very level-headed individuals who possess little ego. However, they also tend to be unforgiving towards those who don’t act with the same effort or heart as them. If they feel let down by another member of the team, expect them to hold that grudge to the grave!

5) Pisces


As such gentle and compassionate individuals, don’t expect a Pisces personality to display hostility or anger following defeat. Renowned as being the most tolerant zodiac, it is not in their nature to blame or put down teammates when things don’t go according to plan. That said, their emotional sensitivity and occasional victim complex means that they take losing very personally and shoulder the responsibility themselves. This self-deprecating attitude can really ruin the mood of some light-hearted competition – Just get over it!

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