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The 12 Worst Breakup Excuses Ever Given By Guys

Being dumped is often heart breaking, but it’s made even more soul destroying with a terrible breakup excuse alongside the bad news instead of the truth. There are plenty of reasons to break up with someone but sugar coating the real reason you want to end a relationship won’t help anyone get closure. Have you ever been subjected to a bad breakup excuse? We’ve picked the top 12 so get ready to giggle or even yell.

Breakups are hard to deal with in any situation especially when you know that the reason for the breakup is totally bogus. Breaking up with someone can be tough but giving them a terrible reason for the breakup rather than the real reason will break them even more.  

If you are planning to break up with your partner although it might seem kind to sugar coat things and make up an excuse to hide the truth about why you want to split, in reality lying will only make things harder for your partner to deal with. The truth might be painful but it is definitely easier to swallow than dishonesty.

The worst ever reasons to break up

There are a multitude of reasons to put an end to a relationship as you’ll soon discover, but not all the reasons for a breakup seem legitimate. We’ve spoken to 12 guys and they’ve revealed the worst breakup excuses they ever used to get out of a relationship.

It’s not you, it’s me

‘I’m ashamed to say I once used this notorious classic to let a girl I had been dating down gently. I had been on a few dates and although she was really sweet there was just no chemistry and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.’ – Brandon, 32.

I’m not ready for a relationship

‘I once used this excuse to break up with someone I really wasn’t into back in my college days. My immaturity and lack of experience seemed like the perfect excuse to stop dating Carly, but looking back I realize being honest would have been better.’ – Spencer, 35.

We’ve outgrown each other

‘At the time this sounded like the more mature and less painful way to opt out of my relationship, although it really didn’t go down well with my ex-girlfriend.’ – Christian, 38.

Our zodiacs aren’t compatible

‘In my college days I dated Stacey but when the spark faded I decided I wanted to break up with her and stupidly followed the advice of one of my astrology loving friends who told me that our zodiac signs were incompatible. This is probably one of the worst excuses ever!’ – Liam, 33.

I don’t deserve you

‘Trying to be kind I went for this breakup excuse to end things with one of my co-workers and it really didn’t have the desired effect. Sienna’s feelings were hurt a lot more than I intended and so was my cheek!’ – David, 35.

I’m scared of commitment

‘This might sound like a ridiculous excuse to some people but it really was the case when I was dating Nina. Things got too serious too soon and I just needed a way out before really breaking her heart.’ – Jon, 38.

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Breakup text

‘I’ll admit this is a jerk move but I really couldn’t cope with breaking the news to Louise in a face-to-face situation. Sending a breakup text was a coward move and I have definitely learned from it.’ – Thomas, 39.

I need some space

‘This is one of the classically bad breakup excuses and although I’m not proud to say I used it, it actually lead me to meeting my current girlfriend. I need space is really one of the most cliché breakup excuses.’ – Henry, 34.

I like you TOO much

‘Looking back this breakup excuse really makes no sense at all and I probably even deserved a real barrage of hate but Jamie took it surprisingly well, perhaps she was tired of me too.’ – Darrell, 38.

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We want different things

‘I pulled this terrible excuse out of the bag when I no longer wanted to date Hayley. In a normal relationship this excuse seems valid, although it’s not so much the case when you’ve only been dating for a month! – Justin, 32.

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I’m going away this summer

‘I once dumped someone because I was going travelling for the whole summer and didn’t want to do the whole long distance relationship thing. I should really have given long distance a shot because Jess was really nice.’ – Mark, 31.

We’re too different

‘I used this excuse to break up with Emma; I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that I actually found her too clingy and ended up telling her we were too different. It was a lame reason but she has now found someone more suitable.’ – Rob, 34.

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