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Relationship Mistakes: 16 Gaffes Women Make That Push Men Away

From passive aggressive behavior to being closed off, there are a number of ways us ladies can make relationship mistakes and push their SOs away. For a relationship to work and more importantly to last, both partners need to put a whole lot of work in and avoid pushing each other away. Ladies, have you made these relationship mistakes?

For a lasting relationship, check out how you can avoid driving a huge wedge between you and your partner.

Relationship mistakes to avoid

Relationships are sometimes tougher than we expect, but what are the relationship mistakes women need to avoid for a successful romance?

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To avoid pushing your man away, here's what not to do!

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Not opening up

Being in a relationship isn’t like playing a game of Poker, in this instance keeping your cards close to your chest just isn’t an option. For a relationship to work, you need to open up to your partner about your feelings.

Spending too much time alone

Everyone loves their alone time but being in a relationship means you have to find the right balance between spending time with your SO and having some ‘you time’. Isolating yourself too often will only push your man away.

Not being honest

Hiding things from your man and keeping secrets will drive him away. Relationships should be open and honest; putting walls up will push both partners apart.

Passive aggression

Never expressing your feelings or sharing your problems with your SO will make you become resentful towards him and will definitely push you away.

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Not prioritizing

Putting your partner towards the end of your priority list behind your friends, work and all of your other responsibilities won’t make him feel special and loved. Neglecting your partner will drive a wedge between you.


There is no place for selfishness or self-centeredness in a relationship. For a relationship to be strong and successful, partners need to be selfless and willing to make sacrifices.

White lies

Even the tiniest white lies will eventually come between you and your SO. To avoid breaking the trust you have in one another, be honest and stay honest.


Jealous and suspicious behavior is a surefire way to drive you partner away. If you start snooping on him without any valid reasons, trust us, he will head for the hills.

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Controlling behavior

Wanting to be present in your SO’s life is totally normally, but trying to control everything he does isn’t! Relationships are all about letting your partner breathe and do their own thing.

No cuddles

Once you take any form of intimacy and affection out of a romantic relationship, you create a huge gap between you and your partner. Here’s a secret, men need affection to feel loved and secure.


Guys need to be listened to and comforted when times get tough, too. Not being emotionally there for your man during the hard times, is the fastest way to drive him away.

Not listening

Listening and giving advice are some of the best ways to keep your relationship strong. Once you stop listening to your man, you will notice a big division in your relationship.

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Not making an effort

When we’ve been in a relationship for a while, we start to get comfortable and can forget about needing to make an effort. No matter how long you have been with your man, you can’t stop making an effort to show him how loved he is.


Okay, so finding dirty socks laying on the floor next to the laundry basket can be annoying, but make an effort not to nag your man because your bad moods will eventually push him away.

Playing games

Being shady in a relationship will only have one outcome and it won’t be pretty. Avoid playing games with your partner and do your best to let him in to your little bubble.

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Making him feel inadequate

Constantly talking about how amazing and how handsome your ex-boyfriend is will for sure make your current partner feel terrible and will create distance between you.

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