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Women Empowerment: 32 Ways To Be A Strong Woman And Total Girl Boss!

Women empowerment is about ladies feeling in control and ahead of the game. Ladies, it's safe to say you can kiss goodbye to hiding in the background and being outshone, now's the time to blow every away with your girl power, amazing knowledge and skills. Here's how YOU can feel like a strong woman and girl boss!

C'mon ladies, embrace the feeling of women empowerment power! Feel the girl power in the air and just do you!

What is women's empowerment?

Empowering girls and women is a powerful move which will help females around the world feel respected, appreciated and strong. Girl power is about making females feel equal and building their confidence up.

Things Women Should Be Doing

Change the way other people see you, as well as yourself with these 32 power moves. 

Limit your apologies

Saying “I’m sorry” when it’s uncalled for is a bad habit. Try and stop yourself from apologizing all the time if you haven't done anything wrong.

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Own your body

Show off your best assets without feeling insecure. If you’re proud of your body, people will react to the confidence you exude.

Buy what you want, when you want it

Holding back for financial reasons is understandable, but if you have the means, treat yourself! 

Stop feeling bad about saying “No”

This goes back to #1. Don’t apologize as much and learn how to turn people down without feeling bad about it.

Be the only woman lifting weights

Women tend to feel intimidated by being the only female in the weight room. Go in and act like you have as much of a right to be there as everyone else.

Speak your mind

At work, in relationships, and to your family. Tell people how you feel.

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Ignore unwanted attention

Stop reacting to negative attention, especially street harassment. Continue on your merry way with your head held high as if you don’t even hear it happening.

Take your boss out for lunch

Offer to buy your boss lunch. Picking up the bill is a classy move and it gives you the chance to connect with them personally.

Keep your shoulders rolled back

Your posture says more than you may believe. Hold your head high and keep you back straight. It’s a power move.

Don’t wait to be introduced

This applies to work situations and social events. When faced with people you’ve never met, hold your hand out first when introducing yourself.

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Prioritize your responsibilities

Make a list and cross of activities that aren’t worth your time.

Don’t settle for less

Tell yourself that you’re only going to have the best of the best. You deserve it.

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Be the conversation starter

Stop feeling shy about starting the conversation topics at dinner and at work. You should be expressing yourself freely, without fear.

But don’t say too much

At the same time, know when to withhold information in a coy manner. Mystery is a skilled tactic. And a power move.

Make the first move

If you’re attracted to someone, let them know. Stop waiting for the pace to change on their terms.

Learn negotiation tactics

Looking to ask for a raise? Brush up on your negotiation tactics and get the money you deserve.

Aim for the stars.

Don’t do it if you don’t want to

Don’t agree to anything if it’s not really what you want to do. This means stop saying “yes” as often if you find yourself in places with people which aren’t making you happy.

Order a dessert

Don’t feel bad for enjoying dessert. Women who understand life’s simple pleasures are women who are sure of themselves.

Give yourself pep talks in front of the mirror

It may seem strange, but look at yourself in the mirror, be expressive, and give yourself a pep talk. It’s a power move.

Quit shying away from the word feminist

It doesn’t mean “man-hater.” It means equality for both sexes.

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Organize your own meetings

Tell co-workers or even your boss that you’d like to call a meeting about a matter that’s important to you.

Be more vocal in the bedroom

Tell your partner what feels good and what doesn’t.

Know when it’s time to quit your job

Don’t stay in a position that isn’t allowing you to flourish. Your abilities can shine elsewhere.

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Take more risks when job hunting

Show up in person, apply for dream jobs, and motivate yourself to seek the very best.

Stop stigmatizing mothers

Women shouldn’t put down other women, especially mothers. Breastfeeding in public is an example. Don’t make faces at mothers who do this, instead have respect for them.

Call adults women, not girls

Referring to women as girls implies they’re younger and less experienced than they really are.

Be a role model for girls

Uplift girls by highlighting their strengths and talents. They need powerful role models like you.

Dress up for casual occasions

Wear heels because they make you feel invincible, even if the occasion doesn’t call for it.


Understand that you can complain when something is unjust. Don't think you're being annoying! Make the power move and explain what’s making you upset.

Talk about subjects even if they’re taboo

A lot of subjects related to female bodies are treated as taboo. Create a dialogue. It’s a power move.

Don’t feel forced to smile

If someone says, “You’d be so much prettier if you smiled more,” don’t misinterpret it for a compliment. No one should tell you to smile for their benefit.

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Inspire other women

Finally, be a leader for other women to follow, and encourage others to succeed. 

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