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15 Of The Most Amazing Ideas To Add To Your Winter Bucket List

We personally think that winter is one of the most beautiful and amazing times of the year, which is why it needs to be celebrated properly. Winter may have been your least favorite season up until now, but that is about to change because you are going to fall in love with the cold snap thanks to our essential winter bucket list.

In need of some fun ideas to make your winter more enjoyable? Look no further, our winter bucket list has all the answers!

Winter wonderland fun

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Winter vacation ideas

Hot chocolates by the fire

Snuggle up under tons of blankets in front of the wood fire and sip on a mug of delicious hot chocolatey goodness. Aahh, winter never tasted so good!

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Sledding of course

If you’re lucky enough to see some snow this winter season, get the whole family together for an afternoon of guaranteed pure fun sledding down some steep hills.

Cute Christmas market

Give in to the temptation of some outdoor festive fun and head to a Christmas market to pick up some goodies for all the family. Aahh the magic of Christmas.

Christmas concert

If you are feeling particularly Christmassy, attending a Christmas concert will increase your festive-o-meter two fold. We know you can’t resist a good old rendition of Rocking around the Christmas tree!

Ice skating

Whizzing around the ice rink is a winter essential in our books, so what are you waiting for?

Cozy cabin weekend

Because who doesn’t dream of escaping reality for a little and spending the weekend in an amazing rustic log cabin?

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Write to Santa

You’re never too old to write to Santa, especially if you’ve been exceptionally good this year.

Build a Snowman

Because it wouldn’t be winter without building a massive Snowman in the yard with the kids, would it?

Did someone say snowball fight?

Get the whole neighborhood involved and organize a ginormous snowball fight, that’s right, release your inner child.

Wear a whacky Christmas sweater

Hunt through that pile of winter clothes in your closet and strut around proudly with your whacky Christmas sweater. You’ll be surprised just how on trend you actually are.

Have a Christmas music dance party

Get the Christmas tunes blasting out and invite your friends over for the ultimate Christmas dance party. Rock on Rudolph!

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Have a pajama day

The bitter cold of winter gives us the perfect excuse to stay snuggled up warm in our pajamas all day and do nothing.

Winter walks

There is no prettier time of year than winter in our opinion, so make the most of the season and head out and stretch your legs all whilst taking in the beautiful sights that weather has to offer.

Christmas movie marathon

Snuggle up on the couch for a Christmas movie marathon session, complete with endless popcorn and hot chocolate of course.

Donate gifts

Do something charitable this season and give some gifts to those less fortunate than you, this simple act will be a great lesson for kids too!

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