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15 Guys Reveal How And When They Knew Their Girlfriends Were Wife Material

There comes a moment in a relationship when something just clicks and you know you have found your soulmate. Knowing you are with someone you are crazy about, love with all your heart and want to have a future a future with is an awesome feeling. Discover the moment 15 guys realized their girlfriends were wife material.

Falling deeply in love with someone and knowing you want to make them your wife is a really special feeling! Meeting your version of 'the perfect girlfriend' is amazing!  Check out the moment these 15 guys knew they were deeply in love with their girlfriends. Love comes and goes, but when you've found 'the one' it's the best feeling ever!

She's wife material because...

Who said guys weren't romantic?! Discover the moment something clicked in these guy’s relationships and made them realize they had found ‘the one’.

She didn’t judge me for my past mistakes.

‘I haven’t been an angel in the past and have made a few mistakes, but she refused to judge me and took me at face value’. - Kyle, 31.

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She was open to learning about my religion.

‘I had been with girls in the past who weren’t prepared to learn about my religion, but this wasn’t the case with Caitlyn. She accepted me and my beliefs wholeheartedly’. - Chris, 35.

She accepted my kids.

‘I have two little girls, Anna and Courtney, from a previous relationship and was worried this could be a deal breaker for Sara and I, but it wasn’t. Sara loves my two little girls just as much as I do’. - Kevin, 33.

Our first fight.

‘Fighting sucks in a relationship sucks, especially when it’s early days. Although, my first fight with Kate really confirmed how much she meant to me and the making up part was really sweet too!’ - Michael, 32.

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Our first date.

‘My first date with Megan was just amazing! We knew each other before but we had never gone out romantically and just sitting there with her, staring into her eyes and laughing so easily, it just hit me that she was the one.’ - Steven, 30.

When she said those 3 little words.

‘I’ve never been one to express my feelings very easily, but when my girlfriend told me she was in love with me, something just gave and I just knew I loved her too!’ - Callum, 29.

When she met my family.

‘Meeting your partner’s family is always a stressful event, but with Laurie I didn’t have to worry at all. Seeing her get on so easily with my parents and gaining their approval confirmed my feelings for her’. - Joe, 33.

When we moved in together.

‘They say you only really get to know someone totally when you move in together, and it’s true. Moving in made me realize I couldn’t be without my girl!’. - Rob, 35.

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Our first trip away.

Travelling around with my girlfriend really confirmed my feelings for her. We just had so much fun and things really just flowed between us, from that moment on I knew I couldn’t lose her’. - Sam, 34.

When she cooked an amazing meal.

‘The first time I went over to my girlfriend’s apartment for dinner, she surprised me with my favorite food and had really made an effort to prepare everything to perfection. That night, I just knew she was the one for me’. - Scott, 30.

When she cried with laughter.

‘The first time my girlfriend busted up with laughter at one of my cheesy jokes, I knew we were a match made in heaven’. - Andy, 31.

When I got sick.

‘When I got sick a few months into our relationship, Carly was my rock and helped me through everything. It was in my darkest moments that I knew she was my soulmate’. - David, 34.

When we watched football together.

‘Lots of people would have a hard time dealing with a die-hard sports fan, but not Alex. She puts up with everything and is a real good sport which is why I love her’. - Ross, 30.

When we made love.

‘Sex with Jessica wasn’t just sex, it was real passionate love making, something I had never experienced before. The intimacy and connection I felt really confirmed my love for her’. - George, 33.

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Watching old movies together.

‘Chilling out and getting our fix of old movies that we both loved made me realize how special Stephanie was to me. Spending low key moments with her showed me how much I loved her’. - Carl, 35.

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