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12 Guys Reveal The Heartbreaking Reasons Why They Cheated

Being cheated on can be really hurtful and not to mention difficult to deal with. Taking a step back after discovering your partner has cheated isn’t always easy, but there are always reasons behind why people in relationships cheat. Understanding the reasons why people cheat will definitely make the aftermath easier to deal with. Why do men cheat?

People cheat for various reasons and they often feel really bad about their actions afterwards.

Why do men cheat?

There are a few classic excuses, but discover the real reasons why!

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‘Cheating on my first serious girlfriend is something I will regret forever because it hurt her so much. Even now when I think back on it, I can’t really find any other explanation for my actions a part from my immature behavior’. – Cole, 36.

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Terrible self-esteem

‘I feel really bad about saying this, but the main reason I cheated on my girlfriend was because I didn’t feel like I was good enough for her. Her beauty was really intimating and instead of trusting her and working on myself, I reacted badly’. – Dylan, 30.

Pressure overload

‘My latest girlfriend and I were actually set to get married, until I confessed to cheating on her. The pressure and the realization that we were going to spend the rest of our lives together when I didn’t feel ready totally derailed everything’. – Will, 35

Major confusion

‘I thought I had found my soulmate in my last girlfriend and that we would go on to get married but, things suddenly changed and then I wasn’t sure about anything. I should have cut things off before and spared her feelings’. – Brendan, 32.

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Frat boy

‘I was a total party boy when I was with Jessica and would go out to the club every night with my buddies, regardless of how Jessica felt. I have now learned my lesson, turned my life around and have even become friends with Jessica’. – Nathan, 32.


‘This is going to sound really selfish, but fear that my girlfriend would cheat on me actually led me to cheating on her. The trust in our relationship wasn’t great, but looking back now, that isn’t much of an excuse’. – Shaun, 31.

She wasn’t ‘the one’

‘When I was with Stella I was really unsure if I really wanted to be with her. When I finally decided that I had fallen out of love with her, I didn’t have the courage to tell her that I wanted to end things. When she eventually did find out that I was seeing someone else, it broke her heart which is something I regret’. – Taylor, 36.

I felt trapped

‘Things were moving so fast with Laurie that I just panicked and made a huge mistake. My stupid behavior meant that despite all the apologies in the world, she left me and even after three years, I still haven’t been able to find anyone as special as her’. – Craig, 31.

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The spark had gone

‘After five years of being together, things had just fizzled out between Abby and I. The chemistry that we once had was no longer there, which is why I ended up cheating and funnily enough so did she’. – Trey, 35.

It was exciting

‘I feel ashamed to say it, but sneaking around and cheating on Amanda actually gave me a huge thrill. Since then, I’ve turned my life around and am now in a stable and honest relationship’. – Jon, 40.

It was an accident

‘I had drunk way too much one night and ended up going home with a friend of mine, the next day I confessed everything to Lea and she immediately broke things of with me. Cheating on Lea is my biggest regret in life’. – Carlton, 36.

I felt unloved

‘I felt really unloved and unwanted in my last relationship, I know that’s not an excuse for cheating, but I just couldn’t escape how I felt and craved love’. – Greg, 37.

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