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Guys Reveal What They Love Most About Their Girlfriends

Guys, we’ve decided to give you the spotlight to open up your hearts and reveal what you love most about your girlfriends. Love is an absolutely beautiful thing which is why we thought we’d warm your hearts a little with these moving declarations. These 15 guys got real just for you, so check out why these 15 guys love their girlfriends so much.

When we are in a relationship with someone we love, there definitely certain things that we love about them that may seem insignificant to outsiders. The quirky things guys love about their partners are part of the reasons they fell deeply in love.

What guys love most about their girlfriends

There are many things that make men’s hearts skip a beat, here are some of the totally adorable things that guys love most about their girlfriends.

Her bravery

‘I have always admired Jessica’s bravery, she has never once backed away from making decisions and is always ready to try new things. She really is a strong woman! – Chris, 40.

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Her determination

‘My girlfriend is one of the most driven people I know. She started out with very little and has worked so hard over the years to establish her business. Her hard work really is an inspiration’. – Robert, 35.

Her cute dimples

‘I’m a complete sucker for dimples and Amber just has the cutest pair I have ever seen. I fall in love with them more and more every day’. – Liam, 32.

Her laugh

‘Alexia says she laughs like a donkey but I totally disagree and can’t get enough of it! Her laugh is so infectious and never fails to put a smile on my face’. – Mike, 34.

Her commitment to me

‘Maria has always put our relationship first and has really fought for us over the years. I’m so lucky to have someone like her in my life and I make sure I tell her that all the time.’ – Daniel, 34.

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Her positivity

‘Abigail is just a complete ball of positive energy and really picks me up when I’m feeling down. Her energy makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and I really feel like she makes me a better person’. – Mason, 29.

Her ambition

‘Ava is one of the most inspiring people I know. Nothing is impossible for her and she makes sure nothing can get in her way. Her determination and self-belief are really admirable and sexy!’ – William, 40.

Her straight talking

‘My wife is one of the sweetest people ever, but when she is passionate about something and feels like something needs to be said, she doesn’t hold back. I love her straight talking and to the point character.’ – Jacob, 32.

Her confidence

‘My girlfriend Isla is so confident in herself and that’s something I find incredibly sexy. Her killer confidence makes her even more drop dead gorgeous in my opinion’. – Nathan, 33.

Her kindness

‘My wife is so kind and really would do anything in her power to help anyone. I feel so blessed to be married to her. I literally can’t believe how lucky I am’. – Aaron, 40.

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Her freckles

‘Emma hates her freckles but I’m the total opposite and find them so beautiful. She is so gorgeous to me, she’s the woman of my dreams’. – Evan, 31.

Her selflessness

‘My wife is such an incredible woman and has always been there for me. We have been married for 20 years and in those 20 years we have moved across the country six times because of my job. She has always been my rock.’ – Cole, 45.

Her sense of humor

‘Maya has an amazing sense of humor and never fails to make me laugh. Her goofiness always puts a huge smile on my face’. – Christian, 39.

Her intelligence

‘Stella is so inspiring and forward thinking, her intelligence and insightfulness just astounds me. She really is an amazing source of inspiration’. – Thomas, 35.

Her nurturing side

‘When I see Eleanor with our kids, she just makes me heart melt. She is so loving and nurturing towards them, she really is the best Mom out there’. – Cameron, 35.

Is love in the air?

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