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20 Men Get Real And Reveal What Really Bugs Them About Their Girlfriends

Relationships can be tough and we only rarely hear about how guys feel in a relationship, so the time has come to get under the hood of the car and discover 20 guy’s real feelings. Gone are the days where men bottle up their emotions and never actually talk about them, as you’ll discover here.

Although we almost never talk about men’s feelings, that’s about to change. Discover what bugs these 20 guys about their girlfriends.

Serious annoyances …

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Are we official?

‘I’ve been with Nina for over 8 months, but for some reason she doesn’t seem to want to go official on Facebook. When I ask her why she always finds dumb excuses and that really annoys me’. – Corey, 30.

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Mike who?

‘I’ve been dating Angela for 2 months now and although we started out as just a casual thing, we are getting more and more serious. The only thing that really bugs me is that she often calls me Mike, her ex's name is Mike. My name is Jordan.’ – Jordan, 33.

Parent trap

‘Carey and I have been together for a year now and I still haven’t met her parents. Although they live far away, I can’t help but think she’s ashamed of me and isn't in the relationship for the long-haul.’ – Ashton, 29.

Hair dramas

‘I always make an effort to look good for Chloe, so when she doesn’t actually notice my new hair cut it makes me wonder why I even bothered.’ – Andy, 36.

Flirty Felicity

‘My girlfriend is a huge flirt and loves playing around, which I knew before we got together, but the thing is she hasn’t toned down her flirting since we’ve been together.’ – Harry, 35.

BFF drama

‘Charlotte is amazing but it really gets me down when she doesn’t come to me for advice first. Whenever she has had a bad day or is in need of advice, she always turns to her best friend.’ – Jackson, 38.

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Ex issues

‘I’ve been with Katy for 2 years now and we are planning on getting engaged soon. Everything is great apart from the fact that she is really good friends with her ex-boyfriend. I try not to be jealous but I can’t block out my feelings’. – Brandon, 32.

Work, work work

‘Brianna works in publishing and is really determined to get to the top quickly. Her commitment to her job is super impressive, but I sometimes feel like our relationship comes second to her career ambitions’. – Arlo, 35.

Jealousy calling

‘Lauren loves working out as much as she can, so she goes to the gym loads. The problem is her personal trainer has a huge crush on her and I think Lauren likes the attention because she never tells him to back off’. – George, 38.

Sweet dreams

‘My girlfriend stays over at my apartment quite often which is great, I love having her there. The one thing that really annoys me is that she loves talking before going to sleep, she literally doesn’t stop’. – Brett, 34.

Cold replies

‘Whenever I tell Jessica I love her she never replies with an ‘I love you too’. I don’t know how she really feels about me and when I ask her she always tries to change the subject. It’s really frustrating’. – Sam, 35.

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Compliment drought

‘Carly is awesome and we are really happy in our relationship, I just wish she would be a little more appreciative of my efforts and pay me a few more compliments. After all everyone needs their ego caressing a little’. – Brad, 40.

Phone obsession

‘Danielle is so obsessed with her cell phone she can literally never put it down for more than five minutes. She has even answered a call on one of our dates before’. – Paul, 36.

Doubting Debbie

‘Sophia always undermines me and doubts what I’m capable of. At first it started out as a joke, but now it’s getting a little old and I don’t think she is ready to change just yet’. Aiden, 30.

Moving in nightmares

‘I’ve been with Amelia for 3 years now and we have always talked about getting a little place together in the city, so when my lease was up on my old apartment, I suggested looking for something but she said no.’ – Ross, 32.

Friend drama

‘Samantha makes no effort with my friends and always makes excuses when they come over. I’m beginning to get the impression she doesn’t like them which puts me in an awkward position’. – Yohan, 35.

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No to PDA

‘Steph refuses to kiss me or even take my hand when we’re in public, which is pretty embarrassing for me. I’m starting to think she is ashamed of me and is waiting for someone better to come along’. – Dan, 38.

Fact checker

‘Whenever we talk about movies, TV series or dates with Olivia, she always feels the need to verify everything I say on Wikipedia. Her not trusting my knowledge is really annoying’. – Luca, 34.

Last minute cancellations

‘Organizing date night is always really complicated with Lucie, she always seems to have things to do that are more important. I sometimes think she is avoiding spending time with me’. – Fred, 36.

Secret lovers

‘Louisa and I have been dating for over a year now and she still insists on keeping our relationship a secret. No one she cares about or loves even knows about me’. – José, 33.

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