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20 Absurd Laws in the United States You Must Know

America is a great and wonderful place. But we bet that you had no idea that these 20 weird law existed! In which state is it illegal to fish in pajamas? Where is it forbidden to have a water fight? Read on to find out! There's more to know about your country than you may have thought...

Are these states serious? 

These 20 American laws are equally ridiculous as they are unbelievable. Check them out here! 

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In Alabama, it’s illegal to wear a fake mustache in church that incites laughter.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, it’s illegal to make a slurping noise while eating soup.


In Chicago, it’s illegal to fish while wearing pajamas.


In Nevada, riding a camel on the highway is illegal.


In California, you cannot shoot an animal out of a moving vehicle unless it’s a whale.

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South Carolina

In South Carolina, horses cannot enter a hotel without pants.


In Minnesota, it is forbidden to tease skunks.

New York

In New York, it’s illegal to greet someone by thumbing your nose at them.


In Massachusetts, citizens cannot legally squirt water guns at each other.


In Kansas, it’s illegal to throw knives at men wearing stripped shirts.


In Georgia, one cannot legally allow chickens to cross a road.

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San Francisco, CA

In San Francisco, CA, it’s illegal to use underwear to clean your car windows.


In Alaska, it’s illegal to wake a bear to take a picture of it, but it’s legal to kill them.


In Tennessee, it’s illegal to catch fish with lassos.

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While in Ohio, you cannot intoxicate fish with alcohol.


In Wisconsin, prison cooks cannot serve the prisoners butter substitutes.

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In Virginia, the law states that it’s illegal for children to trick-or-treat on Halloween.


In Texas, it’s illegal to make a profit by selling your eyeball.


In Maine, Christmas decorations should be taken down before January 14th. After that, it’s a law violation.


In Hawaii, it’s illegal to put coins in your ears.

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