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Cheating Files: 15 Undeniable Indicators Your Man Has A Wandering Eye

Does your man have a wandering eye? Is he more attracted to other woman than you? Do you think he might cheat on you? Being unsure of your partner’s feelings means you are living in limbo and not able to live your relationship to the fullest. Every year thousands of men cheat on their partners, is your man going to add to the statistics?

Cheating is one of the major causes for the breakdown in so many modern relationships, but how can you determine whether or not your man is likely to cheat or not?

Is your man likely to be unfaithful?

We reveal what to look out for if you think your man has a wandering eye.

He has cheated before

Now, once a cheat always a cheat certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but it’s definitely a strong indicator that you might not be the only one on your man’s mind.

Serial flirt

If your man spends his time openly and unashamedly flirting with other women, then we hate to break it you, but he may have a wandering eye.

Shady behavior

Not knowing where he was last night and why he comes home late every night is a sign your man’s thoughts are elsewhere.

Cellphone obsession

If a sudden cellphone obsession pops up out of the blue and your man can’t seem to be separated from his phone for more than a second, then something is going on.

He gets bored easily

Boredom is one of the leading causes, if not the most prominent of wandering eye syndrome in men. Looking for excitement can sometimes lead to heartbreak.

He’s not over his ex

Are you sure your man is totally over his ex? Have the feelings totally gone away? If not, things could soon get messy!

He’s always ‘busy’

‘No, I can’t make our dinner plans I’m working late’ or ‘No, I’m really sorry but something’s come up’. If you’re used to hearing these kinds of excuses, perhaps your man is up to something.

You don’t know his buddies

Not knowing your man’s best friends should set alarm bells ringing in your head right away.

Secretive about his past

If your man doesn’t ever want to evoke his past relationships, then maybe you should start asking yourself why. Talking about the past when in a new relationship shouldn’t be painful.

Gut instinct

When you have that raw feeling in your gut, you just can’t ignore it, when you, you just know.

He checks out other people

If your man openly checks out other woman in front of you and doesn’t even attempt to hide his attraction, then there’s no doubt he has a wandering eye!

He makes you feel jealous

Intentionally making you jealous with his flirting and shady behavior is a surefire sign that a storm is brewing in your relationship.

Social media habits

Does your man follow random women on Twitter and Instagram? Jealousy inducing behavior is a sign your man has his sights on someone else.

Lack of intimacy

The intimacy and tenderness that you once knew are some of the first things to disappear from a relationship when your partner has a wandering eye.

He is elsewhere

Although he is with you physically, he always seems preoccupied and mentally elsewhere and never wants to open up about it.

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