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15 Signs That You Need To Walk Away Your Relationship Right NOW!

Relationships are full of ups and downs. But if you feel like things have been at a lull for a long time, it could be time to walk away. Life's too short to be stuck in an unhappy relationship. Here’s how to know when your relationship has run its course.

Fate works in strange ways and sometimes things just aren't meant to be, especially when it comes to relationships.

Has your relationship run its course?

Is your relationship meant to be or should you just walk away and start over again?

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5 Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship

You don’t get ‘that feeling’ anymore

It sounds like a cliché, but if you’re really into someone, when you see them they'll make your heart skip a beat. So if they don't, it’s time to find someone who does!

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‘I love you’- but do you really?

If you’re starting to just say these words without really meaning them, your heart is clearly not in it anymore.

You're considering other people

It’s normal to appreciate that another man is attractive when your in a relationship. But if you actually start to desire another person more than your partner, it’s not a good sign.

Your ex is back in the picture

Consciously or not, you’ve found yourself texting your ex again. Healthy relationships only focus on each other!

You just want to be alone

It’s good to have alone time, but when you’re contantly going shopping, for coffee or for walks alone, rather than spend time with your partner…it’s time to ask yourself why you don’t want to hang out with them.

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You don’t go out together anymore

Sitting in with a takeaway watching TV is great, but when was the last time you went out to eat? How about that bar you used to always go to? A good couple will want to go out and do things together.

The sex life is dead

If you hardly ever make love anymore, or when you do, it’s a disappointment, it could be time to reassess whether you’re really compatible for each other.

Less physical contact

Physical contact isn’t just about sex. If those little hugs in the evening or kisses goodbye in the morning are a thing of the past, your connection could be lost.

You don’t laugh anymore

The ability to make each other laugh is a big factor in a relationship. So if that’s gone, you’re clearly not making each other happy.

You don’t talk as much

You used to talk about anything and everything- the news, your day, funny stories…Now all you talk about is the bills and who’s turn it is to wash up. It could be time find someone more intellectually stimulating fo ryou both. 

Every little thing annoys you

The way he eats with his mouth open, his clothes all over the floor, his ring tone…You find yourself nit-picking at stupid little things all the time. Hardly romantic! 

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You want to change things about him

You keep wishing that your partner would be more this, less that… You can’t change them into someone you want them to be, so it’s obvious that you’re just not compatible with each other.

You’ve stopped caring about what you look like

It's great to find someone who accepts you for you, no makeup and all. But if you no longer want to please him, things aren’t looking good.

You both forget special dates

Birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day… Forgetting these important dates in your relationship, or not caring about them, shows that you just don’t care about each other anymore.

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Your friends keep telling you to leave him

Your friends are the ones that know you best. So listen to them when they tell you he’s not for you!

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