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Baby Names: 20 Ethereal And Spellbinding Old-English Victorian Names

Baby names are always exciting to choose, but the name selection can sometimes turn into a real headache sometimes. Whether you’re choosing a baby girl name or a baby boy name, every parent wants to give their child an amazing name! Well, we have the solution for you, how do you like Victorian baby names? We think vintage Victorian names are the way forward.

Victorian baby names are all the rage! The Victorian era was a real romantic time, with top hats, huge, overflowing dresses and petticoats everywhere, so what's not to love?!

Victorian baby names

Looking for an original, yet elegant baby name for your little angel? We have the most beautiful Victorian names for you! Time to get inspired!

Victorian girls names

Let's take a look at some beautifully girly Victorian classics!


Adelia is a beautiful combination of Adele and Adelaide, which unfortunately hasn't been used very commonly since the Victorian times.


Meaning ‘white’ in French, Blanche has a real Victorian edge to it and was often associated with purity many centuries ago.


No, not the fruit! Clementine is the epitome of bold and unashamed Victorian class, it also means ‘mild and merciful’.


Elsie is a gorgeous Victorian époque name which has made a recent comeback in Scotland. The name Elsie means ‘my God is bountiful’.


A beautiful first name of the Roman Goddess of spring and flowers, which aptly translates to ‘flower’.


This vintage gem means ‘warrior’ and can be shortened to Ella or even Lula. How cute!


Way before Minnie Mouse was on the scene, the original Minnie’s were doing their thing in 19th century England. Did you know, that Minnie actually means ‘rebellion’?


‘Nellie Bly’ was a hit song back in the Victorian period and really got people up dancing by all accounts! Nellie means ‘shining light’.


Meaning purple in French, this flowery inspired name is perfect for any little cuties born in spring.


Zadie was a hugely popular name choice in the Victorian era; people were no doubt inspired by Zadie Smith the English author.

Victorian boys names

Bring on the boys!


Archie derives from Archibald, which saw amazing success in the Victorian period and means ‘bold and true’.


There is possibly no more quintessentially British name than Baxter, which believe it or not actually means ‘baker’.


We are totally in love with this super cool name which by the ways means ‘empty’.


The funky name has Celtic origins and means ‘gray’, it’s definitely a gorgeous retro choice if you ask us.


Hugo is an eccentric Victorian name that means ‘intelligent’ and we love it!


We’ll be honest with you; we totally love this gorgeous and quintessentially Victorian name.


This classic may have you immediately thinking of Charles Dickens ‘Oliver Twist’, but it Oliver does in fact also mean ‘olive tree’.


Silas is a really sophisticated and class vintage Victorian name which actually means ‘from the forest’.


We’ll admit Ives is a little different, but we think different is awesome and seriously creative.


The name Oscar was adored by Victorians and actually means ‘God’s spear’.

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