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Unrequited Love: What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Love You Back

Being rejected and loving someone who doesn’t love you back is one of the worst feelings! You feel upset, confused and even angry. Although you may think that you’ll never get over them, there’s no point wasting your time on unrequited love! Here’s how to move on from a heartbreak.

It may seem impossible but believe us, you will move on!

How can you stop loving someone?

It may take some time, but here’s how to forget someone you love.

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How To Get Over A Breakup

Recognize the emotion

The first step to getting over someone is recognizing your feelings of sadness, rejection and anger. Don't try to deny your feelings!

Try to see their point of view

If you can understand the reason why this person doesn’t love you back, you can start to come to terms with the situation.

Don’t try to control the other person

For whatever reason, the person you love doesn’t love you back, and you can’t force them to feel otherwise!

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Try to see their point of view

If you can understand the reason why this person doesn’t love you back, you can start to come to terms with the situation.

Think of their negative points

Focus on all the negative things that wouldn’t have worked out if you were together. This will help you stop thinking about what could have been!

Keep yourself busy

Don’t just wallow in your feelings all day long- keep occupied with your favorite hobbies, reading or watch a film to take your mind off things.

Don’t rebound!

Having quick flings as a way to get back at whoever rejected you will never end well!

Turn to your friends

When you feel disheartened with romance, you can always count on your friends to cheer you up with ice cream and hugs, right?

Put the phone down!

As tempting as it is, drunk texts, phone calls or social media stalking is never going to help you move on.

Take your distance

Once you’ve accepted the situation, the best thing to do is give each other space!

Start dating again- only when you’re ready

Only you will know when you feel ready to date again. When you do, ease into it slowly!

See it as an important experience

Getting over a heartbreak will only make you stronger and mature when the time comes for you to start dating again.

There’s plenty more fish in the sea!

One bad experience with love can make you lose faith in romance altogether. But remember, there’s someone out there for everyone!

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