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25 Signs That Your Relationship Is In Trouble And Is Heading For A Break Up

Let's face it, relationships are full of ups and downs. But sometimes it's hard to tell how you partner really feels. What are the tell-tale signs that your significant other is over your relationship and wants to break up? If you sense your partner is unhappy and wants to walk away, confirm your suspicions here with 25 signs your boyfriend wants to break up!

Being in a relationship you are not totally committed to is draining and really unhealthy for everyone. Who you choose to spend your life with is one of life’s most important decisions, but that’s not to say that you won't eventually decide that the person who you thought was your soulmate is no longer the person for you.

Does your boyfriend want to break up?!

Relationships can become dead-end at any point and in order to avoid heartbreak, there are certain red flags to look out for that you’re other half is no longer happy and wants to end things. Is your life partner unhappy in your relationship? Find out now if you should prepare yourself for heartbreak... 

Your partner starts working late

Yes, we all have to put in a late night shift every once in a while, but if this becomes a regular thing, you need to start asking yourself if your partner avoiding you. Does he not want to spend his evenings with you?

Your partner seems withdrawn

If your partner is short with you and never seems to want to engage in any conversation with you, this is a major red flag that he is unhappy. Being distant is a major sign your partner is unhappy.

You no longer laugh together

You used to laugh and joke together all the time right? So, what about now? If your partner no longer makes an effort to make you giggle, his mind is elsewhere, somewhere far from your relationship.

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You spend less and less time together

Happy couples try to spend as much time as possible with each other. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing just as long as they’re together. If your partner chooses to spend his weekends alone or with his friends, then he is probably unhappy.

You no longer talk

Late night discussions in bed are a thing of the past and now the only thing you guys talk about is what you’re having for dinner. If this is the case, then something is up and it’s likely your partner is no longer invested in your relationship.

Snuggling and kissing are a thing of the past

If those little, cute bedtime delights are over and have been for a long time, then your partner is probably no longer happy in your relationship.

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Your sex life is inexistent

Remember when you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Or was that so long ago you no longer no what passion tastes like? If your partner’s libido is at a low, then he is over your relationship.

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Your partner makes excuses

Excuses not to spend his spare time with you, excuses not to reply to your messages, excuses not to eat with you... If your partner is always full of excuses so he doesn’t have to spend time with you, it's likely something is wrong. 

Your partner is living a separate life

Do you feel completely disconnected? Are you no longer in synch? Is he leading a different life from you? If so, then the bad news is, he’s unhappy.

Your partner no longer asks you questions

Does your partner now seem uninterested in your life? Does he no longer ask you questions about how your day went? Not asking any questions is a sign he has moved on from your relationship.

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Your partner has become secretive

If you feel like your partner is doing things behind your back and keeping secrets from you, then he is unhappy and wants to move on.

The passion has gone

Sex isn’t everything in a relationship, but if you feel like the passion and spark have disappeared on your partner’s end, then he is no longer invested in your relationship.

Your partner is distracted

Do you notice your partner is often elsewhere, even when you are having serious conversations? If this is the case, he’s probably thinking about his future without you.

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Your partner is selfish

If your needs are no longer a priority for your partner and he doesn’t put you first, then his head is elsewhere.

The playfulness and affection has disappeared

Playfulness and generally goofing off are signs that a relationship is going well, so if your S.O isn’t playful with you, then something is off.

Your partner is rude

Mean spirited comments and rudeness towards you are big red flags that your partner is no longer into you or your relationship.

Bad body language

Body language reveals everything, including our deepest darkest thoughts. So, if you partner’s body language is cold, then he wants out.

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No more cute little text messages

It may sound a little cheesy, but it’s true, when a relationship is going well and people are happy, they can’t get enough of each other and send cute messages throughout the day.

Bad phone habits

If your man is constantly on his phone when you are talking to him, this is a clear sign he doesn’t want to make things work between you.

Critical comments

Being overly critical and mean about even the smallest of things is a sign your man is unhappy in your relationship and wants to walk away.

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Silent treatment

Does your man seem to want to test your patience by giving you the silent treatment? Dodging conversations is a major relationship red flag that your partner is unhappy.

He's Defensive

Men being overly defensive is a sign they are unhappy, especially if they are normally very laidback. If this is the case, your relationship is in trouble.

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You’re walking on egg shells

Do you feel as if you can no longer be yourself around your partner and say what you really think? If your partner makes you feel bad, then he no longer wants to make your relationship work.

You’re fighting more and more

Fighting is pretty normal for a relationship, however if the fights are becoming more and more frequent and are caused by your partner, then he no longer respects your relationship.


If your partner is always negative and doesn’t seem enthusiastic about anything related to you or your relationship, then unfortunately he is unhappy and totally over it.

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