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15 Tear-Jerking Reasons Why These People Stay In Their Unhappy Marriages

Accepting that your marriage has broken down and is practically over isn’t always the easiest of things to do. More and more people stay in unhappy marriages and deprive themselves of the happiness and joy they deserve. Being married is supposed to make you the happiest you have ever been, but it’s not always the case.

For most couples out there, marriage and married life are amazingly fulfilling experiences that really allow you to grow as an individual. That being said believe it or not, there are many married couples out there stuck in miserable and unhappy relationships.

Why miserable couples stay together

Making the decision to leave an unhappy marriage is terrifying, as is facing an uncertain future alone, which explains why so many people try to battle through their stale marriages, despite their hearts being elsewhere. Check out the reasons why these people stay in their unhappy marriages.

Financial stability

‘I’m really unhappy in my marriage and would love to walk out the day and start a new life for myself, but financially I know it’s not possible. My husband is the breadwinner and has always taken care of me’. – Kelley, 40.

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For the kid’s sake

‘I’ve been married to Rob for over 20 years and we have 3 young kids together. When I was younger my parents broke up and I didn’t deal with it well, which is why I can’t bear to put my children through the same thing. I’m staying in my unhappy marriage for them’. – Emily, 43.

Fear of being lonely

‘I can’t push myself to leave my miserable and sexless marriage because I’m so scared of being lonely. My husband has been my whole world for over 10 years and walking away to nothing at all really scares me’. – Sophie, 36.

Those dreaded words

‘If I’m honest, the only real thing that’s holding me back in my marriage is me not wanting to hear my Mom say ‘I told you so’. My Mom never fully backed my marriage and I really don’t want to admit she was right all along, but I don’t know how much longer I can last’. – Rachel, 34.

Lack of confidence

‘Leaving my husband, getting a divorce and starting a new life is what I dream of doing, but I know deep in my heart that I don’t have the courage or confidence in myself to close the door or own relationship. I hate how much I rely on him!’ – Selina, 35.

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My religious beliefs

‘I come from a very religious background and really value my faith, which is why even though I’m deeply unhappy in my marriage, I won’t leave my husband because I have too much respect for my religion and family’. – Taylor, 30.


‘The only thing that is stopping me from leaving my husband is fear. Fear of being forever alone, fear of not being able to do things on my own, fear of failing and fear of letting everyone down’. – Kristen, 36.

No one will support me

‘The thought of asking for a divorce really scares me because I don’t think I’ll have any support. I feel like everyone I know will side with my husband’. – Ally, 36.

I want it to work out

‘Although I’m unhappy and want more for myself, deep down I want things to work out with my husband. I want him to realize how lucky he is to have me in his life, but sadly I don’t think he’ll change’. – Brooke, 37.

Won’t give up

‘Marriage is something really special and I do really value the vows we took, which is why I’ve decided I’m going to give myself six months to try and turn things around. I don’t want to give up on us’. – Naomi, 32.

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‘Although divorce is widely accepted, I live in a tightknit community and am scared people will gossip about me and judge me without knowing everything my husband has put me through over the past few years’. – Carina, 37.

Friendship breakers

‘I’ve been married to Andrew for 15 years and we have tons of mutual friends, but the problem is overtime, we have become friends more than partners. If I leave Andrew I’ll for sure lose lots of friends’. – Stacey, 33.

Dating hate

I haven’t been on a date for about five years and am really out of the game. The thought of online dating and meeting someone else really scares me, which is why I’ve decided I am going to stick things out with my partner’. – Jessica, 36.

For my parent’s sake

‘My parents have always loved Josh and would be really sad if we split up. My parents are such an important part in my life and I love them dearly, which is part of the reason why I couldn’t disappoint them’. – Georgina, 36.

I love him

‘Even if I’m not happy right now in my marriage and haven’t been for a while, I do really still love Brett and would do anything to make it work. I just hope that he wants to change’. – Mia, 32.

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