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The Two Types Of Personality Linked To Each Zodiac Sign

Astrology is such a rich field and reveals so much about who we really are. Each of the zodiac signs has their mainstream and well-known, public personality, yet, they also have a second façade to their characters. Our personalities aren’t black and white and our characters go much deeper than typical stereotypes and vague descriptions. What is the second personality linked to your star sign and which one do you think resonates more with you?

Looking into each of the zodiac signs is completely revelatory and gives us very deep insights into our true attitudes, tastes and intentions. They are all vastly different and they often go a lot deeper than what is described in the zodiac sign stereotypes. If you never seem to be able to recognize your personality traits associated with your astrological profile, it’s likely because (get ready for it)each zodiac sign actually has two personalities!

The two types of personality each zodiac sign has

Identifying who you are and trying to assimilate all the information can be a tough challenge, although things are about to get easier thanks to our insights. If you have a hard time understanding your character, it’s time for you to discover your second type of personality. We've all met people that don't exactly seem to match up to the description the stars provide of them and it's time for you to find out why. Do you want to test your psychic powers? If so, learn how to guess someone's zodiac sign.

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Aries type one personality

The angry Aries

Aries is typically known as one of the angriest zodiac signs and will never walk away from confrontation. This extravagant zodiac personality loves speaking their mind and they aren’t above shouting other people down to get their own way.

Aries type two personality

A beautifully sensitive soul

Scratching the surface isn’t enough where the Aries personality is concerned; there is also an Aries type two personality! Once we dig a little deeper into their character traits, we soon notice that Aries is definitely a sensitive zodiac sign and loves making other people happy.

Taurus type one personality

Lazy and pretentious Taurus

Taurus type one is usually known as that zodiac sign who is obsessed with material possession and wealth. Taurus is definitely a superficial zodiac sign and really fears having to go without. Their personalities are also incredibly tenacious and lead them to being crowned as the most stubborn zodiac sign.

Taurus type two personality

Relaxed and chilled Taurus

The second Taurus personality is less high-maintenance and prefers to take things easy rather than spending all their time worrying about things. Taurus’ second personality adds a sympathetic and kind dimension to their characters, meaning people naturally turn to them for advice.

Gemini type one personality

Gemini the ultimate party starter!

Gemini is reputed for being one of the most popular zodiac signs. Gemini is one of the funniest signs and doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which is a great asset when it comes to making other people laugh. The real social butterfly of the zodiac is definitely the third zodiac sign.

Gemini type two personality

The Moody and overly sensitive Gemini

The lesser known facet of Gemini’s personality is often hit by intense mood swings which make them shy away from social gatherings. People typically associate Gemini with be the life and soul of the party, but the truth is they too like to wind down on a regular basis.

Cancer type one personality

The sensitive and immature Cancer

The type one Cancer personality makes for a great friend, although their natural sensitivity can at times boil over. Cancer is typically associated with weak and insecure character traits, to the point where people imagine them breaking down every 5 minutes.

Cancer type two personality

Sassy and tough Cancer

The second type of personality associated with the Cancer zodiac sign is tough, playful and impacting. When the type two Cancer sees something they disagree with, they simply come out and say it! Cancer type two is brave, bold and is definitely up there amongst some of the sassiest zodiac signs.

Leo type one personality

Leo the show stealer

The Leo type one personality has the ultimate star power and is definitely one of the most likely zodiac signs to become famous. The typical Leo personality loves being the center of attention and has a huge ego to help take up all of the spotlight.

Leo type two personality

Leo plagued with insecurities

The Leo type two personality is a lot less obnoxious and pushy. Leo is a very colorful and intriguing zodiac sign and getting to know them is a true adventure. In reality, Leo is sensitive, down to earth, caring and one of the most loyal zodiac signs. Behind all the artifices lies a genuine person.

Virgo type one

Bookish and studious Virgo

The Virgo type one personality is definitely one of the most intelligent zodiac signs. Virgo type ones are said to prefer their alone time rather than socialize with other people. When Virgos choose to socialize, they are always super organized and proceed with a mature attitude.

Virgo type two

Adventurous and outgoing Virgo

Virgo type two personalities definitely can’t be defined as uptight and rigid. The second facet to the Virgo character is in fact hugely flirty and adventurous when it comes to love. Under their serious exterior, Virgo hides their wild and fun-loving side.

Libra type one

Harmonious and peaceful Libra

The typical Libra type one personality is presumed to be a social chameleon who loves the idea of being popular amongst their peers. Libra type one is vainest zodiac signs and loves turning heads with their striking appearances.

Libra type two

Libra the ultimate rebel

Libra type two personality is a lot more introverted than the Libra type one character. The second facade of this Air sign avoids the spotlight and hates being the center of attention. It’s fair to say that the lesser known Libra personality is much more individualist and eccentric.

Scorpio type one personality

Extremely intense and sexy Scorpio

Scorpio is known for being intense, intimidating and super sexy! Romance, teasing and attraction are all skills that the Scorpio type one personality has completely mastered. Scorpio is at times even described as being mysterious to the point of being evil!

Scorpio type two personality

Fun and caring Scorpio

The second Scorpio personality is a lot more laidback, open and calm. The low-key Scorpio personality makes for a truly hilarious zodiac sign who loves nothing more than letting loose and having fun.

Sagittarius type one personality

Lazy and distracted Sagittarius

The typical Sagittarius personality is well-known for being the laziest zodiac sign and the least serious. Commitment scares Sagittarius and forces them to flee from their responsibilities. This fire sign finds refuge in travelling and escaping their boring daily routine.

Sagittarius type two personality

Sagittarius the great philosopher

Believe it or not, the second Sagittarius personality is a very deep thinker and loves focusing on the meaning of life. Sagittarians with the second façade of this zodiac personality and more mature and more open to settling down rather than constantly exploring.

Capricorn type one personality

Capricorn, the total workaholic

The emblematic Capricorn personality is definitely one of the biggest workaholics of all. Capricorn loves being the best and is ruthlessly ambitious, which means that they are usually totally obsessed with their professional life.

Capricorn type two personality

Capricorn the hilarious storyteller

The second type of Capricorn personality is equally as motivated, determined and ambitious as the first, although they are a whole lot funnier! The lesser known Capricorn personality loves having fun and always has a collection of cheesy jokes for every occasion.

Aquarius type one personality

Aquarius; the true artist

The illustrative Aquarius personality is often associated with powerful creativity, groundbreaking ideas and intense originality. Aquarians are known for being very avantgarde and for pushing the limits.

Aquarius type two personality

Aquarius; the independent activist

If the type one Aquarius personality is connected with a peace and love movement, the type two character is certainly more of a militant. If type two Aquarius has something on their mind, they will surely come out and say it. Aquarius’ mission is to change the world!

Pisces type one personality

Pisces; the most caring person EVER

Pisces is typically known as the one the most romantic zodiac signs and would do anything to make people close to them happy. Pisces type one personality brings out the best in people and is truly an amazingly caring friend.

Pisces type two personality

The brutally savage Pisces

Pisces doesn’t usually make the list of the meanest zodiac signs, although their lesser known character makes them completely ruthless. Pisces type two doesn’t mess around and is always ready to speak out against things they disagree with.

By Susan Taylor

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

Editor in Chief and Astrologist for MyAstroMag - I’ve always been completely fascinated by the world of Astrology and horoscopes. Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions.

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