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12 Thoughts Everyone Has When Doing Their Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping is one of the most stressful times of the year for many of us, but the truth is, as hard as we try, we can never just can’t escape the crowds of people hunting for their gifts. As the years go by Christmas shopping never gets any easier and certainly makes us all wish we were somewhere far away from the mall. Here are the 12 thoughts everyone has when venturing to the malls at Christmas. Can you relate to these thoughts?

The holiday season is all tidings and joy until we get to the part where we have to head to the mall to do our Christmas shopping that is. Christmas is a great time of year, but that being said, it can be super stressful! Between finding ideas for the perfect Christmas gift per zodiac sign, all the preparation and then heading to the mall, things get complicated.

12 Real Christmas shopping thoughts

We thought you could do with a laugh during this Christmas build up. We've put together the 12 most relatable thoughts most people have whilst doing their Christmas shopping. Does heading to the mall during the holidays fill you with pure fear? Check out these common Christmas shopping thoughts. Will the holidays be a magical time for you? Check out your Christmas day horoscope for the answer!

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1) Speedy Gonzales

Oh I’ll only be an hour or so, I’ll definitely be back in time for dinner, said no one, ever!

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2) I’ll find a parking space easily

Because no one goes to the mall at Christmas time, right?! Finding a space in the parking lot has to be one of the most frustrating things ever.

3) The mall won’t be busy

This is most untruthful statement anyone has possibly ever made around the holiday time.

4) Bring it on

Even if the mall is full of people running around everywhere and you can barely move, you always tend to start out your Christmas shopping trips in a positive mood.

I’m totally unprepared!

5) We think we know what we are going to buy for everyone until we actually get to the mall that is, and realize that we don’t have a clue what to choose.

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6) Let’s go to Victoria’s Secret

On second thoughts, let’s not! How can that many people even move around in there and find what they are looking for?

7) Heat wave

Why is it so hot in here? Can someone turn up the AC?

8) Why, why, why?

Did I leave things so late?! I could have done this is in January!

Is love in the air?

9) Money is no object

Until you get to the cash register that is! Why is everything so expensive?

10) Jingle bells

The Christmas tunes are on full blast everywhere and I can’t get them out of my head!

11) Internet is the way forward

Next year I’m going to shop online. Ahh a wishful thought that you know will never come true.

12) Is it home time yet?

Can we go already? I can't take it anymore!

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