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Couple Goals: He Isn’t 'The One' Until You Can Talk About These Things

Everybody knows that couple goals means you need good and honest communication. From sex to not-so-sexy health problems, there are certain topics that every couple should be able to talk about freely and openly together! Is he the one? If you can talk to your partner about these taboo topics, then congrats, you’ve found your soulmate!

Some people say that you just know if you’ve met your soulmate, but things aren't always as simple as that!

You know they’re the one if…

Take our example, we say that if you can talk about these things with ease, you’ve definitely got yourself a keeper!

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Your exes

This can be an awkward one, but if you’re really comfortable with each other, you shouldn’t have anything to hide!

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Let’s talk about sex

This a major topic that couples should be able to talk about freely, but you’d be surprised at how many just never bring it up the S word!

Your problems and insecurities

You should be able to confide your deepest fears and worries to them if they're really The One! 

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The smallest little things

As well as the big stuff, you should also be able to vent to your S.O. about everything from that annoying person on the subway to your opinions on the latest celeb gossip!

Your honest opinions

You know you’ve found The One if you can straight-up tell them that their light blue just really isn’t their color, or they should hold back on the hair gel. Honesty is the key to a good relationship!

Your weird health problems

Yes, we’re talking about that ingrown hair or that gigantic spot on your back…And only your true soulmate will help you put the cream on it!

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Embarrassing stories

Just fell over on the street in front of everyone? Smashed an expensive vase at the store? If he’s really The One, you’ll rush home to tell them everything and laugh about it together.

The future

You know you’ve found the perfect partner if they’re open to discussing your future together and making exciting plans for you both like holidays and adventures!

Your beliefs

From religious views to your political standpoint, if they’re The One, you’ll be able to discuss these things openly, hopefully without too many arguments!

Your family and childhood

This makes up a huge part of you are today, so if you can’t discuss this freely with them, is it really meant to last?

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