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20 Little Things That Make Women In Relationships Smile From Ear To Ear

Relationships are beautiful things especially when they put an awesome smile on our faces! After talking to ladies in relationships, it’s clear there are little things that our partners do that put us in amazing moods for the day.

Weird habits, cute quirks and crazy laughs, what about your man makes you smile from ear to ear?

Time to smile…

Check out what little quirks get these ladies in relationships smiling from ear to ear!

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Crazy dancing

‘When I’m feeling down and he randomly puts on my favorite song and starts dancing like nobody is watching’. – Alexia, 30

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Flower power

‘When he comes home every Friday with a bunch of flowers for me, just because he knows it makes me smile’. – Brianna, 35.

Cookie monster

‘My man loves cookies and so do I! But, I love them even more when he bakes a fresh batch for us to munch on in front of a move’. – Danielle, 38.

Cute messages

‘Receiving a cute little good morning text from my man puts me in an excellent mood every time’. – Stacey, 39.

Gym partners

‘I struggle motivating myself to go to the gym and to follow my fitness regime, but when Ben says he’ll come too, I hate the gym a little less’. – Christina, 33.

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Food galore

‘When I open the refrigerator and find that Joe has already done the grocery shop I could literally jump for joy!’ – Lauren, 39.

Surprise treats

‘Last night my boyfriend sent me a text as I was leaving work saying head to the most amazing Italian restaurant in town! Great food and his gorgeous company gets me smiling’. – Maria, 40.

Morning cuddles

‘Amazing morning snuggles on the weekend put me in an amazing mood! If only we had time during the week to cuddle up before work’. – Hailey, 36.

Justin Timberlake impersonation

‘Being randomly serenaded when I walk through the door really makes me laugh! Yep, Justin Timberlake is apparently Scott’s specialty’. – Alex, 31.

Bed warmer

‘When he warms up my side of the bed when the weather is cold and miserable. That’s real proof of love!’ – Carly, 40.

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Chore fun

‘Doing all the usually mundane house chores together doesn’t seem so boring when he’s there to help and play around’. – Frankie, 34.

You're beautiful

‘My man complimenting me never fails to make me smile from ear to ear. His compliments will never get old’. – Madison, 35.

Beauty routine

‘Seeing my partner get ready in the morning and really getting into his skincare routine makes me smile for some reason’. – Claudia, 31.

It's the little things

‘I love it when my partner does little things to make me happy, right now for example he is growing his beard just because I find it sexy!’ – Amber, 34.

Bear hugs

‘When I’m feeling down or sick, he is always there ready to take me into his arms and make me forget about everything’. – Ellen, 38.

Go team

‘I love secretly watching Rob watch sports. The way he gets so passionate about things and into the game really makes me smile’. – Charlotte, 34.

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Us time

‘Nothing makes me smile more than we Matt says I’m turning off my cell, let’s just have ‘us’ time’. – Clarissa, 35.

Breakfast buddies

‘My husband always makes an effort to get up at the same time as me even though he starts work later than me, all so we can eat breakfast together’. – Fiona, 37.

Old-school jams

‘Listening to old-school tunes and singing along to them in the car with my husband always puts a smile on my face’. – Anna, 34.

Gorgeous chef

‘Breakfast in bed on Saturdays prepared by my gorgeous boyfriend always get me smiling’. – Samantha, 32.

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