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Cheating Files: 10 Ways Being Cheated On Has Made Me So Much Stronger

Before you start erratically screaming ‘how’ at your screen, let me explain, and no I’m not crazy, but being cheating on by my ex-boyfriend really has benefited my current relationship and made me stronger. I was with my ex for over 4-years and last year discovered that he had been cheating on me for over 6 months with his co-worker! But, I’ve lived to tell the tale and am now happier than ever!

Okay, so being cheated on is never an easy thing to get over, but you can move on from the heartbreak to happier relationships. 

Stronger than ever...

Don’t let cheating hold you back, and don’t think for a second that being cheated on will screw up your whole dating life.

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Confidence boost

Being hurt so badly by my ex actually gave me a huge confidence boost. You may find it a little hard to believe, but knowing that I’d done nothing wrong gave me the strength to hold my head up high. I wasn’t the bad guy in the story.

Now I don’t hold back

Being cheated on made me feel really vulnerable, but also taught me to give things my best shot with my current partner. Opening up to someone after being so betrayed isn’t easy but you’ll feel so much better when you finally do!

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Strong, independent woman

Going through the cheating drama showed me that I could stand on my own and depend on myself. Being a strong independent woman has definitely brought me closer to my current partner and he respects my strength of character.


After some serious mopping around and going through loads of boxes of Kleenex’s, I realized that I was worth way more than I actually thought. My ex just didn’t deserve me, it wasn’t the other way around.

Red flag detector

Coming out of a relationship with a cheat has taught me to recognize all the cheating signals and red flags that the relationship is heading for a breakdown. I’m now a master at picking up on warning signs.

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Going through some much initial pain has showed me that I am a resilient person and that whatever I face in life, nothing can keep me down for too long, I’ll always pick myself back up.

I’m more honest

In my previous relationship, I found it a little difficult to talk about my feelings because my partner would always deflect my emotions and play them down. I’m now able to communicate better and am brutally honest when things aren’t going right.

I know who to avoid

Cheating is pretty traumatic but, it really has showed me who is right for me and who isn’t. Being cheated on made me more aware of which type of guy I needed in my life.


Forgiveness doesn’t always come easily in these situations, but being able to forgive and let go is key to moving on and burying things in the past. Holding a grudge will only make you better and close you off from future partners.

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Being true to myself

Infidelity gave me the wakeup call I need to start being true to myself. Life is too short so we shouldn’t waste a second of it not following our hearts. Being happy is simple really, it’s about being true to who you are.

Succeed in love and life

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