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12 Essentials Tips To Survive The Christmas Holidays With Your In-Laws!

The holidays can be a mixed bag of emotions for some people largely because many of us out there just can’t envisage ourselves getting along with our in-laws throughout the period. In-laws can be complicated, but trying to bury the hatchet and the ill feelings and make this Christmas one to remember, for the right reasons that is. If you want to experience a great Christmas, follow our essential tips to survive Christmas with your in-laws!

Don’t dread your Christmas surrounded by your in-laws, make it the best one yet thanks to our essential tips! As the saying goes, 'we don't choose our in-laws', but that's not to say we can't make an effort to get along with them. Let's be honest, we all have one member of our partner's family who just grates on us. Will Christmas day be full of fun and laughter? Read your Christmas day horoscope to find out.

Survive the holidays with your in-laws

Getting on with your in-laws can be tough work but it's made easier when we follow certain tips to get through. Although the holidays are a magical time of year, for many of us they involve spending lots of quality time with our in-laws. In-laws can be extremely complicated, but our top tips will help you survive the holidays with your in-laws. You can say goodbye to huge disputes thanks to our tips.

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1) Be open-minded

Christmas is only one day of the year and let’s face it, it’s supposed to be a happy and joyful time of good tidings. So even if spending the whole day with your mother-in-law wouldn’t typically be on your list of things to do, give things a go and be positive.

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2) Be smiley

Enjoying the day or at least pretending to enjoy the festivities will make things a whole lot more comfortable between you and your in-laws. A positive attitude and warm disposition goes a long way and will definitely help break the ice.

3) Be helpful

Making sure everything runs to plan over the holiday period isn’t always simple because there are always two hundreds things going on at once. To ensure things run as smoothly as possible, make sure you help out where you can, trust us your intervention with the turkey will be much appreciated.

4) Plan something a little different

Why not plan something a little different this year and get the whole family outside for a festive walk through the woods or why not even line up a collection of board games to avoid any awkwardness. You never know, trying something new might make the holiday period way sweeter!

5) Be complimentary

Even if you think the turkey has been seriously overcooked and you really don’t like the appetizer, act like you do and be appreciative of all the efforts made.

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6) Prepare a delicious holiday dessert

No one can ever say no to more chocolate and making a delicious treat will definitely impress your in-laws!

7) Be prepared for lots of Christmas carols

If hearing ‘Jingle bells’ one more time is likely to make your head explode, then the holiday period could be a tough one, but if you make an effort to act jovial, things will be so much smoother.

8) Be grateful

Some people don’t have the chance to spend the holiday period surrounded by their loved ones, so try to be grateful for the opportunity you have and while you’re there, have some fun!

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9) Be a team player

Even if playing charades after dinner really isn’t your thing, try to get involved and let yourself go a little, you never know, you might actually have fun.

10) Take some downtime for yourself

The holiday period alongside very full on in-laws can be intense, so be sure you take some time out for yourself and recharge your festive batteries.

11) Why so serious?

Let your hair down, remember the holidays don’t last forever, so try to make the most of them while they last.

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12) Enjoy yourself

Last but not definitely not least, try to enjoy yourself and create some amazing new and unforgettable memories with your whole family.

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