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Super Moon: Seize This Once In a Lifetime Opportunity

December 14th will present us with a once in a lifetime opportunity. That’s right folks, the 14th brings with it a ‘Super Moon’ that is not to be missed! The Super Moon will definitely lights up the sky and put on a beautiful show that cannot be missed out on, so take your diaries and note down the date.

Super facts about the Super Moon

The Super Moon of the 14th will be the biggest up until now of this century; in terms of figures the Super Moon will be 14% bigger and 34% brighter than the second biggest Moon recorded!

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What is the Super Moon?

The Super Moon will appear bigger than usual simply because the Moon will in fact be closer to Earth. December 14th 2016 will be the first time since 1948 that the Moon has been this close to Earth, so why not sit back, relax and enjoy the Moon show, because if you miss it you’ll have to wait until 2034 to see the next Super Moon!

The scientific name for the rare Super Moon is perigee-syzygy, with perigee meaning the closest point on Earth to the moon’s orbit around the Earth.

What does the Super Moon mean for astrology?

The Super Moon will help influence your choices and lead you to the right path, especially if you are faced with a dilemma. The power of the Super Moon means that in astrological terms the Moon will have an effect on all areas of your life on December 14th.

The Super Moon will be in Taurus and will encourage Taurus people and others alike to find comfort in the stability of their families and their material possessions.

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Super Moon

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