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21 Ideas for Fighting the Summertime Blues at Work

You’ll be entertained and blissfully distracted with these 21 tips! Vacation is right around the corner!

Summer slump

Everyone is sharing their vacation pictures online, and frankly, it’s making you depressed. This is the list you’ve been searching for to keep your spirits up while you’re stuck in the office. 

Fighting the slump

Vacation is right around the corner!

Make a motivational playlist

Put in your headphones and tune out all the extra noise! Your playlist is going to get you through the day!

Chat with your colleagues

The people beside you are probably going through the same feelings, so why not work and chat about it at the same time?

Bring a delicious snack

Something sugary. It might be everything you need to survive another day at the office!

Create a list of goals

Think about the next phase no matter what. This slump isn’t going to last forever, so be prepared for the future!

Reorganize your desk

A summer clean-up may put your mind at ease.


Hang up some new pictures or bring in a little plant!

Do exercise at your desk

You can get pretty creative with the leg-lifts. Try working and exercising at the same time for maximum efficiency!

Take a coffee/tea break

The 10-minute break from the computer screen will have you refreshed and ready to continue tackling the task.

Channel your negative energy into a new sense of humor

Keep things light. Make your colleagues laugh. People will appreciate your humorous attitude.

Go somewhere new for lunch

Stop eating the same bag lunch and go to a restaurant for a change!

Challenge yourself like you haven’t in the past

If you’re feeling bored, maybe it means you need a new task to distract you. See if you can pick up any other work duties.

Reward yourself

Yes, that means you should buy yourself an expensive dinner or a new outfit just for going to work. Online shopping is a great idea too.

Start a group chat

Quick-fire banter between colleagues is what you need to feel like you’re working and having fun at the same time.

Change your desktop background

Put up a picture of a beach with white sand and crystal blue water! It’s going to have you in the vacation mindset!

Pull an office prank

Start some office shenanigans!

Take a walk

Even if it’s a scorcher outside, take advantage of some fresh air to clear your mind.

Send an email to your boss about it

You’re not revolting, you’re just seeking advice about finding new ways to up your productivity. Maybe your boss has some ideas…

Don’t take work as seriously

Sure, work is important, but changing your mentality about it and having more of an apathetic attitude will make you prioritize where your stresses should be going.

Make plans every weekend

Nothing is as depressing as going to work, then getting home only to think about when you have to go back again. Make plans to go out during your downtime!

Stop feeling bad for yourself

Don’t dwell in sad emotions. Face the fact that you’re in the office until it’s time for vacation and get what you have to get done finished.

Cover the clock

Stop watching the clock. It's isn't going to move any faster if you're constantly counting down the minutes til' 5 o'clock. You'd be better of setting an alarm every 30 minutes of hard work done! 

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