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15 Tips To Turn Your Summer Fling Into The Real Thing

Summer is fast approaching and we literally can't wait a second longer! Having fun in the sun and meeting someone you’re really into is the perfect combination for an unforgettable summer. Summer flings are amazing but they’re even better when they turn into the real thing! Have you met someone you’re crazy about? Check out how you can carry the sizzling summer passion right into fall and beyond.

Summer flings are beautiful things, especially when they turn into awesome love stories. Summer is made for BBQs, hanging out with friends, lazy days at the beach and flirtatious summer flings. Although sometimes in summer we seem to automatically assign a relationship an expiration date and therefore block it from turning into anything more.

How to turn your summer fling into the real thing.

Summer romances can be tricky, especially when it comes to figuring out what both you and your partner want moving forward. We’ve assembled the best tips ever to make sure your summer fling turns into the real fling! Read up on our tips if you don’t want to say goodbye to that gorgeous person you met on the beach. Becoming a blossoming couple even after the season of romance is over just got a whole lot easier.

Check out our 15 tips on making your summer fling the real thing!

Keep up the good work

Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean you can slack off. Successful relationships are all about great communication, so continue your daily phone calls and cute morning messages.

Kick things up a level

So, you’ve been dating all summer and things are going really well, so why not introduce your SO to your friends and family. Show how committed you really are.

Will your relationship last?

Continue the cute dates

Summer is done for this year so give your dates a cute fall makeover, this will definitely keep the spark alive.

Take the plunge

Tell your SO how you really feel. It may be scary, but you have to get a little deep to turn your fling into the real thing.

Take a weekend trip together

Enjoying some quality time away from the stresses of your daily lives will really bring you together and confirm your feelings.

Discover your love destiny.

Take a class together

Nothing says I want to give things a go with you more than signing up for a class together. How are you salsa skills?

Set a movie night

Choose one night a week to just kick back and watch a cute movie together just like other couples.

Is love in the air for you?


Make sure to get lots of snuggles in when fall comes around. Reminiscing about summer has never felt so good.

Cook together

Perfect your cooking skills and have some fun along the way by making some seriously good food. Couples that cook together stay together!

Tattoo time

For the more adventurous among you, grab your partner and head to the tattoo parlor for some ink that will remind you off summer ’18.

Promise rings

Okay, so it may sound a little 2008, but promise rings still really are a cute way to express how you feel about each other and they are less painful than getting inked.

Succeed in love!

Make a summer scrapbook

Keep your memories forever and create a summer scrapbook together. Years from now you’ll look back on it and be transported back to that sweet summer period.

Write your SO a poem

It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy, but just jotting down a few lines on why your partner is so special to you will have them melting.

Organize an end of summer soirée

Set up a joint end of summer party and get all of your friends together to celebrate just how great the sunny period has been. Be sure to make a toast to your partner too!

Have you found your perfect match?

Get planning

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Now is the time to get planning next year’s summer vacation with your partner!

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