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Surefire Ways To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships are never totally simple, but that doesn’t mean that they have to end in spectacular heartbreaks. More and more long distance relationships are going the distance nowadays, which means that yours can too, especially if you check out our top tips on making your LD relationship super solid.

Make your long distance love story go the distance and be happy in your relationship.

Long distance love.

Who said long distance relationships never go the distance?! Because we totally disagree!

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Undeniable signs your long distance relationship is on the rocks

Clear communication

Good communication is one of the golden rules for rocking a long distance relationship. Being away from each other means calling, texting and Skyping are essential, trust us that cute goodnight text will always be much appreciated.

Will you have your happy ever after?

But…don’t go overboard

Good and regular communication is great, but don’t fall into the trap of smothering each other with hundreds of messages. For a long distance relationship to work, you need to find the right balance for you without looking like a stalker.

Remain positive

Being in an upbeat, positive mood and having a smile on your face will be one of your secret weapons to making your long distance relationship a success. Sharing the positive vibes will make being apart so much easier.

Make sure you are on the same page

Being on the same page as your long distance BAE will ensure neither of you get hurt if things take a turn for the worst, so make sure you are honest about where you realistically see things going.

Get creative

Getting into a routine is often what causes relationships to get old and fail, so be sure to get a little creative with your communication and activities. Challenge yourself to do something different every time you are together.

Are you in the perfect relationship?

Be spontaneous

Spontaneous visits will really help boost your relationship and pick you up when you are feeling down about your situation. What are you waiting for? Go, organize a surprise trip!

Video call

Seeing your big, cheesy smile will really brighten up your long distance love’s day. Texting is great, but video calling is way better and necessary when you are miles away.

Do things together

Whenever you see each other, try to make new memories together and remember to take tons of silly photos. Getting out there and adventuring will give you a taste of what life will be like with him by your side one day.

Whirlwind visits

If your partner isn’t too far away, make sure you squeeze in as many weekend visits as possible. Trust us, short visits will keep the romance alive and make you hungry for more!

Make your love story a success!

Go old-school

Throwing back to the past and sending each other love letters is a surefire way to add a touch of romance to your love story. Penning your thoughts and feelings will open your heart to your partner even more.

Set goals

Establishing common goals will give you both something to work towards and perhaps even help you set future dates for actually being together.

Enjoy your alone time

Doing things for yourself and keeping up your social life are great ways to keep your long distance relationship solid and will give you tons of things to talk about with your partner.

Be honest

One of the keys to maintaining a healthy long distance relationship is being honest about your expectations and where you see yourself in the future. What is your goal? Do you eventually want to be together? When?

Will your relationship go the distance?

Ground rules

Setting ground rules about how often you see and talk to each other will keep your relationship on the right track.

Keep things simple

When you spend time together do simple things that will really bind you together, you don’t need to constantly try to impress your LD SO.

Share your feelings

Sharing how you feel will be a really positive exercise for both LD partners and it will make tackling the distance that little bit easier. Long distance relationships are easier to handle when you know how your partner feels.

Talk about insecurities

Get your insecurities off your chest and out into the open and let your long distance love comfort you when things become difficult.

Is love in the air for you?

Ask each other hard questions

Knowing what your partner wants and envisions for the future is essential in a long distance relationship. Does he see you ending up together? Does he want to get married? These are the sort of question that need to be addressed.

Be mentally prepared

Long distance relationships are no walks in the park, so if you want yours to succeed, you have to know what you are getting yourself into.

Compliment each other

Act like any other couple and keep up the cuteness. Give each other affectionate pet names, tell you partner what you love about him and why you want to be with him.

Get your happy ending!

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