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Good Relationships: 20 Clear Signs Your Relationship Is Strong And Healthy!

Love is a beautiful thing and it's even more so when it lasts a lifetime. Being in a relationship is full of ups and downs so what are the signs a relationship is rock solid and healthy? We reveal what signs you ought to look out for that your relationship is the real deal and will last forever. Good relationships are amazing, here are the confirmation signs that your relationship will go the distance.

Love is the basis of any strong and good romantic relationship, but even with all the love and goodwill in the world, it sometimes just isn’t enough. For a relationship to be strong and healthy, both partners have to want to make things work. Is your relationship strong? Read on to find out!

20 Signs your relationship is strong

Let's change things up a little and channel some positive energy for a change. Leave the doom and gloom behind and embrace healthy relationships.

You make fun of each other

There are subtle qualities about him that you aren’t afraid to poke fun of, like the fact that he sweats a lot. What’s so enjoyable about your humor is that you’re both unafraid to take a jab at the other’s weirdness.

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You like the same kinds of foods

Going out to eat or cooking at home never seems to be a problem because you both like the same foods. You never have a moment of indecision.

You have inside jokes

People may roll their eyes when its happens, but it doesn’t matter! You make each other laugh and having inside jokes means that you have formed invaluable memories together.

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You remind the other that everything will be okay

Even though you wish you could, you can’t fight each other’s battles. Sometimes they just have to push through on their own. Nonetheless, being reminded that the difficult time will pass is a simple gesture that shows them that you’re their #1 support system.

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Bedtime is your favorite moment of the day

After a tedious day at work, finally, you have some downtime with your partner. And who knows what else cuddling could lead to….

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Their family is your family

You call up his Mom or Dad to ask them how they’re doing, or even go out for drinks with his siblings without him. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that you have a special bond with his family as if they were your own.

You find ways to cheer him up

Maybe you tickle him or buy him his favorite candy. Even if he’s had the worst day, you know exactly what it is that puts a smile on his face.

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You randomly send each other sweet (or sexy) messages

When you look at your phone, you see an encouraging message from him saying “You’ve got this,” or maybe a bit more risqué, “Thinking of how you’d look on top of me...”’ The spontaneity always keeps you guessing.

It doesn’t feel forced

You aren’t having to go to great lengths to keep each other entertained. What was so wonderful about you two to begin with was how easy it was!

Doing anything is everything

The mundane is never truly mundane with your partner. You don’t know how they do it, but they make waiting in line so much fun!

Date night is a priority

You both believe that setting aside time during the week to go on a date is essential, but above-all, something you look forward to eagerly.

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You never run out of things to talk about

Time passes by so quickly with your love because you keep conversation going naturally.

His friends like you (and vice-versa)

They can’t stop telling you how amazing you are! When you walk in the room, his friends burst into excitement because they know (like you do) that the party has just arrived!

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He still says “You’re so cute/beautiful”

Regardless of whether you feel it’s true, he thinks you always look breathtaking and doesn’t hesitate to remind you.

You have that one series that is yours

Netflix and chill anyone? Even without the chill, you both binge-watch the same shows and talk about them non-stop afterwards.

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You work well together

In the kitchen or in the office, you are a power couple and when united, you are unstoppable!

You have short-term and long-term goals

One day you will go to India, or any country you both dream of visiting! In the meantime, as a couple you have things you want to achieve together.

Your partner doesn’t get angry if you make a mistake

You forgot to take out the trash or maybe they’ve heard your stories a thousand times. Your partner is willing to deal with your forgetfulness because they knows that it’s what makes you special.

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You talk about other stuff besides work

This type of conversation establishes a routine and gets boring quickly. You have found a way to keep it interesting, because you can’t imagine being that couple. There is still fire between the two of you.

You still learn from each other

Sure, you have been a couple for a while, but even so your partner still shows you all kinds of things! You didn’t know that he could stand on his head? Does he know that you have sick dance moves? Never stop learning about the other’s secret talents!

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