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Relationship Advice: 12 Surefire Ways To Stop Dating The Wrong Guys

Falling into the pattern of constantly dating the wrong guys is unfortunately easily done and almost always ends in heartbreak. Do you always seem to date the wrong guys? Have you had your heart broken once too often? Relationships can be hard to get right, but knowing how to break the pattern of dating the wrong guys is a really positive move. Thanks to our relationship advice, you’ll know how!

Want to avoid getting your heart broken once again and actually find the perfect love match for you? Follow our relationship advice and learn how to avoid dating the wrong guys for you. Love can at times be blind and going for looks over personality and real compatibility will only end in tears. Ending up with the wrong people doesn't have to be an eternal curse when you follow our relationship tips.

Relationship advice: Find your happiness

We've all been there, head over heels for someone's good looks before finding out they were totally wrong for us a few months and 10 pints of ice cream later! Taking on board our relationship advice will get you one step closer to your happy love ending!

Don’t be shallow

We all dream of dating the drop-dead gorgeous guy, who rides a really fast motorbike and likes to live life on the edge. Although in reality, be interested in someone for their good looks rarely ever works out for the best. Sometimes the guy with the Sedan is the better option.

Take other people’s opinions onboard

If your whole entourage constantly disagrees with your choice of partner, it’s perhaps time to start listening to them because they might actually be onto something that you aren’t seeing.

Try something different

If you have a ‘type’ and things don’t ever seem to work out well for you in the love department, it might just be time to think about dating someone different, who isn’t your usual type.

Use your past relationships to your advantage

Before getting into another relationship, look back at your past relationships and reflect on what went wrong and why. Having a clear answer about what didn’t work out will help guide your future love choices.

Establish what you are looking for

Are you looking for a fling or serious commitment? If you are looking to eventually get hitched, dating a recent college grad just won’t work out or get you to where you want to be.

Don’t take the easy route

If you really put some thought into what you want and who you want, you have all the ingredients to succeed in love! Opting for the easy choice won’t make you happy in the long run.

Change your approach

Where do you go to meet people? Why not try something a little different and you never know, ditching the bar might lead you to finding your perfect love match.

Look at your flirting techniques

Flirting isn’t the easiest of things to do and knowing what to do to attract the perfect partner is an enormous conundrum. Are you flirting techniques a little too in your face? Opting for a more natural approach will be the key to flirting success.

Ask him about his past

Because no one wants to fall in love with a serial dater who can’t stay faithful for more than 5 minutes, right?!

Listen to your intuition

If your gut feeling is warning you off someone, then follow your instinct and you’ll get things 100% right when it comes to dating.

Don’t ignore red flags

Red flags at such an early stage of a relationship need to be taken very seriously. If red flags crop up, confront them immediately and think hard about your dating future.

Don’t turn people into projects

Lots of us tend to want to fix people and mold them into the people we want them to be, but trying to change people won’t lead you to happiness. Dating someone you need to fix will only end badly.


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