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Is He Still In Love With His Ex? 10 Warning Signs You Can't Ignore!

Feel like your partner isn’t over his ex? Do they still talk about them or text them all the time? Getting over a breakup can take a long time and you can’t just fall out of love right away! Is your current partner really ready for your relationship? Whilst jealousy can sometimes be all in your head, if you recognize these signs, then it looks like your man is definitely still in love with his ex…

Feel like your boyfriend isn’t fully committed to your relationship? Are you worried that your boyfriend is still in love with his ex? If your man has managed to stay friends with his ex it may just be because he is friendly, although it could also mean that he isn’t over her yet. Even though your man is with you that doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t have his ex on his mind. 

Does my partner still love his ex?

If you have a sneaky suspicion that your man is still hung up on his ex-partner check out these signs and draw your conclusion. Does he still talk about his ex all the time? Does he constantly compare you to her? Well, these are all major signs that he’s still in lovewith his ex

He always talks about her…

Whether they're saying positive or negative things, if your boyfriend is always talking about his ex, she’s clearly still on his mind and he’s totally not over her!

…Or he weirdly avoids talking about her

At the same time, NOT talking about his ex or getting weird if she’s brought up in conversation is also a warning sign. He obviously finds it too painful to talk about her- because he still loves her!

The breakup was painful

If he was the one to be dumped by her, chances are he still isn't over the breakup, or didn’t want it and is still holding on to their relationship…

He still texts her

It doesn’t have to be steamy messages, but even just daily texting or Snapchats are an obvious sign that he just can’t detach himself from her.

They’re still all over each other’s social media

If she’s still in his profile pic, or he’s still liking all her selfies, is he really over her? We know social media isn’t everything, but it can be very telling!

Unwilling to commit to the future

If he avoids talking about your future together and won’t take your relationship to the next level, it looks like he’s still hanging on to the hope that his ex will take him back…

He still has the sentimental gifts

Does he still wear that bracelet she got him? Or does he still carry a photo of them both in his wallet? Hello? He’s obviously still in love with her!

He gets jealous about her dating new people

When he hears that his ex is dating someone else, he reacts weirdly…A clear sign that he’s jealous and hates to think of her with someone else.

He compares you to her

Whether it’s little comments like ‘she was so sporty’ when you hate exercise, or ‘she used to make the best bolognaise!’ when you never step foot in the kitchen, is not only SO annoying, but an obvious sign he still loves her!

He’s still part of her family

Does he still get invited to Sunday dinner at her parents? Does he still go for drinks with her brother? If he’s still involved in the family, he clearly still wants to be a part of her life.

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