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Couples, Listen Up! Here's How To Quickly Solve An Argument

There some arguments that just can’t be resolved, but most of the time, arguments are just over trivial things. Instead of taking things too seriously, try these 10 tips that will instantly diffuse the tension and reignite the romance!

Life's too short to argue!

What colour shall we paint the bathroom? Where are the car keys? If you're fed up of arguing about silly little things with your partner, here's how to quickly solve your disagreements! 

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Reasons Why You're Arguing With Your Partner

Make them laugh

Do something that always makes them laugh, or reference one of your inside jokes. No one can argue if they’re laughing!

Explain your partner’s arguments back to them

This may sound strange, but honestly, it works! When you break it down and actually see what you’re arguing about, you’ll realize how silly it is!

Flip a coin

If you’re both certain that you’re right about something, heads or tales is the only solution! There’s no arguing with the coin…

Watch an episode of your favorite series

Take a break from the shouting and put on your favorite Netflix show, preferably something light-hearted like a comedy. You’ll have forgotten what you were arguing about after you’ve both been laughing at The Office or immersed in Stranger Things, trust us!

Ask yourself, is it really worth arguing about?!

It’s simple really, if the answer is no, let it go!

Cuddle time!

If you’ve just had enough of arguing, surprise them by giving them a hug mid-argument. This will remind them how much they love you and you’ll soon stop fighting!

Go for a walk together

Suggest that you continue the discussion whilst walking round the block or your favourite park. If you’re in public, you won’t be tempted to get hysterical or slam the door on each other! Plus, a bit of fresh air might help you see things more positively…

Sleep together

Ok, so sex might not actually solve something that needs discussing, but it’s hard to be annoyed at each other in …


There’s no point arguing for hours between 2 options when really, there’s a third solution that suits you both!


Food is the solution to everything, right? No one can be angry eating a take-out burger or your homemade cookies; it’s a scientific fact!

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