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10 Reasons Why Social Media Is RUINING Your Relationship

Social media can be great, but did you know that it could be killing your relationship? Your bad social media habits could be having more of a toxic effect on your love life than you'd like to think, although it's not too late to salvage things a bring back the spark to your relationship! Is social media wrecking your relationship?

Social media is great and has completely revolutionized our lives. But that being said our romantic relationships have taken a serious hit because of the time we spend with our eyes locked to our screens!

Is social media ruining my relationship?

What's your zodiac's relationship with social media? Learn to recognize these 10 toxic social media habits so you can stop social media from ruining your relationship, before it’s too late!

Distracts you from living in the moment

These days, it’s easy to spend more time scrolling through Instagram than spending actual real-life time with your partner! It doesn't do any good for your relationship...

You can’t escape the past

Trying to get over your ex is almost impossible when you keep seeing their face pop up on your news feed all the time!


You can’t avoid the pressure that comes with social media to share everything about your relationship with the world. Nothing is private anymore!

No more living in the moment

The oversharing aspect of social media can often ruin precious moments by the need to take a Snapchat of it or update your Facebook status. Where’s the romance gone?

Jealousy is so much easier

Do you freak out if your boyfriend likes another girl’s photo online? Or what about a comment? Social media gives you more reason than ever to get those feelings of jealousy.

Cheating is easier too…

Yep, we’re talking about Tinder. With just a swipe of the finger you can talk to someone else…it’s one of the most dangerous effects of social media on relationships!

Stalking alert

Social media makes it so much easier to get obsessive about stalking your partner's activity, thanks to apps that show your location. It’s not a healthy habit!

Constant comparison

Social media sets unrealistic expectations for relationships! A quick scroll through Instagram is enough to make you doubt whether your relationship is as #couplegoals as some celebrities' perfect, yet clearly staged, date under the Eiffel Tower...

SMDA (Social Media Display of Affection)

Whatever happened to actually saying ‘I love you’ in person or surprising your lover with a bouquet of flowers? Now, this has been replaced with a cheesy photo collage with a heart emoji...it's just not the same, right?

Relationship status pressure

Facebook, in particular, puts huge pressure on couples to define their relationship status to the world! This was never a problem before social media.

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