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30 Nostalgic Activities To Do On Sisters Day

An entire day for catching up with your favorite sister! These are ways to celebrate! You'll both be rolling on the floor laughing, crying, but above all, looking back on old times!

You miss your sister!

We all get busy and may not make enough time for our sibling(s). Don’t miss out on August 7th, a day completely dedicated to your big or little sister(s)! Remember all the wonderful, embarrassing, and hilarious moments you’ve been through together!

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Sisters Day

Don't miss these 30 activities this Sisters Day! 

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Call her up

For those who live far away, call you sister to tell her how much you miss her!

Post throwback pictures

How about when you two were still in your awkward phase? Show everyone!

Listen to your old CDs

Put on your old jams and laugh about why you thought those songs were ever good…

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Swap clothes

Instead of stealing her clothes, ask her to borrow something and promise to give it back!

Finally confess

Tell her something you never told her until now. Does your Mom still think it was your sister who colored on the walls?

Make fun of her

Go for the throat and mess with her like you used to when you were younger!

Binge-watch your show

Spend an entire night doing nothing but watching all your favorite series together.

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Cook together

Show each other how far you’ve come with your culinary skills… or not! Either way, you’ll be laughing the whole time!

Hit the bar

Go out for drinks just like old times.

Be crafty

Put together a scrapbook with all your favorite pictures or make a batch of decorative cookies!  

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Vent about boyfriends

Tell her what you really think about her exs, and vice-versa!

Give each other makeovers

Paint your nails and style each other’s hair as if you were still in high school.

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Stage awkward family photos

Plan a tacky photo shoot to show everyone how you’re celebrating.

Gossip about your friends

Every sister knows the weird things about your friends that you can’t tell anyone else. Enjoy story time! 

Vent about parents

Talk about how weird your Dad and Mom are. This will bring back memories you both had forgotten! 

Lay on the floor and chat

It’s just like old times when you used to live together. Hanging out on the floor, listening to music, doing nothing was your favorite past time! 

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Offer to pay for her meal

Treat your sister like the Queen she really is!

Buy her a little gift

Think about what she’d like at the mall! You’ll be surprised to know that you still remember her tastes! 

Get matching tattoos

Think about something that both means a lot to you, then get it tattooed!

Tell her a secret

Sisterhood is sacred. She won’t tell anyone! 

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While you’re out having drinks, take your talents onto the stage for a duo that’s sure to wow the crowd.

Eat junk food for a meal

It’s just like when you were kids, junk food was an acceptable dinner.

Say it’s her birthday at dinner

Tell the server that it’s your sis’ birthday, then sit back in pleasure when she gets embarrassed while the restaurant staff sings.

Surprise your parents

If you both live close to home, surprise your Mom and Dad and make Sisters Day a full-on family event!

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Pizza night

This is perfect for when you stay in and binge-watch your series. What better way to reminisce?

Wear matching outfits

Put on identical, ridiculous outfits just for the fun of it!

Call her out when she’s wrong

You know your sis better than anyone, so tell her if she’s making the same mistakes…

But be willing to listen

Offer a lending ear and don’t be the judgy sister.

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Create your own dance routine

Come up with your own dance steps for a night of complete nonsense!

Tell her how much she means to you

And finally, wrap your arms around your sis and tell her you love her!

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