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15 Reasons Why Being Single Is Simply Amazing

Typically we only ever hear about why being in a relationship is awesome and that all those without partners are missing out. We however are of the opinion that being single is equally just as amazing, so crying into your coffee every morning needs to become thing of the past, because single life is awesome! Being alone and happy is amazing; we're about to reveal why!

The reasons for being single according to your zodiac sign are numerous and contrary to what we often hear, being alone really isn't all doom and gloom, it's actually really kind of great! Single life has tons of awesome advantages that people in a relationship just can't enjoy!

15 Reasons being single is good for you!

Okay, so going through a break up isn't really very fun, but the upside of this heartbreaking experience is that not being tied down is awesome! Single is the new black! Put down the Ben & Jerry's and enjoy being free, strong and independent!

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1) Hello freedom!

When you are single, there’s no need to consult anyone about anything! That’s right, you can do what you want, whenever you want and how you want and guess what, the good news is you don’t have to answer to anyone!

2) Less laundry.

Being single is a fantastic way to reduce your energy consumption, especially in terms of laundry loads! Who wants to wash someone else dirty clothes anyway? Less chores means less hassle!

3) So much more space.

Being single means you get the whole bed to yourself, which means you can starfish right in the middle. Another advantage of sleeping alone is that there’s no one to tug on the covers, you can sleep totally peacefully. Ahhh, we can’t think of anything better!

4) You become stronger.

Going at life solo means you automatically become stronger and more self-confident. Single life is a great way to learn to love yourself for who you really are.

5) You’re the boss.

Yes, you read it right, being single means you decide your schedule and you don’t have to work around anyone else’s either, which is perfect especially if you feel like taking a lazy day and watching movies in your pajamas.

6) You save lots of money.

Not being in the dating world means you’re not obliged to spend your monthly paycheck on Valentine’s or fancy anniversary gifts, which is great news for your bank account. February 14th can now be spent doing whatever you want.

7) Fast-forward the awkwardness.

When you are first in a new relationship, things can often be a little awkward especially when it comes to talking about your ex partners and previous relationships. Leading the single life means you get to skip meeting someone’s fifth cousin too, awkward family meetings are a thing of the past.

8) You can date.

Who says being single means you can’t go out on dates and have some fun? Nobody! Single life means you can go on loads of casual dates and meet lots of new, interesting people without being pressured into anything serious.

9) Bye bye drama.

Drama when in a relationship can come in all shapes and forms, be it with your in-laws, your partner or even your partner’s friends. Single life is way less hassle and almost totally problem free! You can kiss goodbye to unnecessary fights.

10) Self-discovery.

How many friends do you have that have totally abandoned their dreams for their relationship? Relationships can be limiting and can prevent people from discovering who they are, whereas single life gives you the green light to follow your wildest dreams.

11) Goodbye sharing.

Relationships usually oblige us to share things, including food, but here’s the good news, being single doesn’t! Now you really can stare empathically at that couple begrudgingly sharing their desserts!

12) You’re in the driver’s seat.

You’re the Captain, it’s you who steers the ship, no one else and it’s also you who decides which TV shows to watch. What a luxury it is to be in complete control of the TV and not being subjected to watching sports every weekend.

13) Precious time.

Time is precious and we always complain we don’t have enough of it to do everything we would love to. Time isn’t such an issue when you’re single because you don’t need to dedicate a whole chunk of it to one person, which means you can see your friends and family way more often.

14) You learn loads.

Life is a learning process and even though we are grown-ups, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are prepared for everything life has to throw at us. Going at life solo is a real eye opener and teaches you how to deal with all types of situations independently.

15) No disappointments.

We’re not saying that all relationships end in disappointment, what we mean is that being single is the best way to avoid being let down and having your heart broken by someone else. Being single means you have to rely on yourself and you don’t have to put up with dumb excuses.

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