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Unhappy Relationship: 17 Obvious Signs You've Settled For The Wrong Man

Am I settling for less than I deserve? Is he really 'The One'? Am I married to the wrong person? Realizing that you’re in an unhappy relationship can be hard, but that doesn’t mean that you should stay with someone that isn’t the perfect match for you. If you can relate to these 17 signs, it looks like you’ve settled for the wrong guy…

Admitting you have settled for the wrong person and are in an unhappy relationship is hard. From a lack of passion to not being yourself, there are many signs that the guy you are with might not be your soulmate... If your partner treats you amazingly, but you don't feel any spark anymore could mean you are in the wrong relationship.

Are you in an unhappy marriage? 

Have you convinced yourself that you can get through the tough times and continue working on your relationship, even though you haven't been happy in a while? Have you settled for the wrong person? We're here to clear everything up for, so you can now kiss goodbye to the confusion! 

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You see no way out

Settling for someone who isn't right for you can make you feel trapped in the relationship.

You feel incomplete

You feel unaccomplished and you want a lot more out of life, but deep down you know your partner can’t give you everything you crave.

Your life has turned out differently

When you were younger you definitely didn’t imagine your life turning out like it has. You imagined so much more for yourself in both love and life.

Bigger, better things

The things you dreamed of doing for so long seem to be further away than ever before. You feel like your SO is dragging you down.

Gut feeling

You know in your heart and gut that your partner isn’t right for you and that you have settled for one reason or another.

Friends and family's opinions

Everyone close to you thinks you have settled for less and they don’t hold back on telling you that your partner isn’t your soulmate.

Lost dreams

You have forgotten about your hopes and ambitionsDeep down, you know you have sacrificed being happy and putting yourself first by being with your partner.

You crave change

You dream of things turning around for you, you just want to wake up one morning and for things to be different.

You feel resentful

You feel like your partner is pulling you down and stopping you from achieving your goals and your actions are reflecting your thoughts.

You think of your ex(es)

You are still hung up on your ex and aren’t happy about how you have progressed since the split.

You dread the future

When you think of your future, you don’t see yourself living happily ever after with your current partner.

You can’t be you

Not being able to be your true self because of your partner is a clear sign you have settled and for the wrong person.

The truth is…

The truth is you are scared to be alone, which is why you are still around.

Perfect fantasies

You are creating a new life for yourself in your head, which doesn’t include your current partner.

The passion is dead

What does passion mean again?

Your feelings have changed

Any feelings of joy and happiness that you once felt with your partner at your side are gone and have been replaced by resentment.

You’ve become negative

You have become negative about your relationship and your life in general, being with your partner is having a toxic effect on your moods.

You’re unhappy

You haven’t felt happy in your relationship for a long time and you can’t see anything turning around anytime soon.

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