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20 Adorable Signs Your Dog Loves You More Than Anything

Dogs are a man’s best friend and make extremely fun, intelligent and loyal companions. We are for sure all crazy in love with our dogs, but the question is do our dogs love us back just as much? From over the top greetings when you’d only been gone for five minutes to enthusiastic tail wagging, what are the signs that your dog loves you deeply?

Most people love their dogs as if they were humans and members of the family. We show our dogs love by giving them attention, love and feeding them of course! But, how do dogs show us love in return?

Signs your dog loves you huge amounts!

Sure we have an idea of what love means for dogs, but what are the concrete acts that prove their love for us? Our furry companions unfortunately can’t say ‘I love you’ but they make up for it in other ways. Discover what the signs are that your dog loves you.

Enthusiastic tail wags

If your dog constantly wags their tail in your presence you have your first surefire sign that your pup is happy and loves being around you. Tail wagging is one of the most prominent signs your dog loves you deeply.

Your dog recognizes you

Although it seems like a small gesture, for your dog recognizing you is actually a way of saying ‘I love you’. Dogs meet lots of people every day which is why remembering only certain people makes them special. Love really does come in all forms!

Your furry friend doesn’t take his eyes off you

A dog that looks at you adoringly is one that loves you, make no mistake about it. Obviously if your pup could speak he’d let you know just how much he loves you, but seeing as he can’t, staring at you is the next best thing.

There were three in the bed and the little one said…

If your dog sleeps in your bedroom it means you have an amazing bond and that you fully trust each other. Dogs only choose to sleep near their human friends if they feel reassured by them.

Your dog yawns just like you

Is it bedtime yet? Yawning is in fact a sign of empathy and a contagious one at that, so if your dog yawns when you do, not only is he/she sympathetic towards you, but he/she also loves you.

Shadow dog

If your dog follows you everywhere then your furry friend really does love you very much. Dogs aren’t so different from humans after all when it comes to wanting to spend time with the people they love. If your dog is your shadow then he/she cares for you deeply.

You are your dog’s pillow

As surprising as it sounds, if your dog lays his head on you when you are watching TV for example, it’s a way for him/her to demonstrate how loved you are!

When you leave there are no dramas

Contrary to popular belief, a dog who loves you and feels safe around you won’t cry when you head out the door. Anxious and worried dogs tend to adopt this kind of behavior. Dogs who stay calm when you leave are the ones that love and trust you.

It’s party time as soon as you get home

If every time you walk through the door from work you are greeted by a bouncy and hyperactive dog this is a sure sign that your dog loves you. Jumping up to say ‘hello’ is one of the best ways your dog knows how to say ‘I love you’.

Your dog waits for you

Does your dog sit by the window awaiting your return? If your dog can’t be torn away from the window when you pull up outside, then you don’t even need us to tell you how much your best furry friend loves you!

Your dog is thankful

If after your dog is affectionate and loving after mealtimes then you really are the light of your furry friend’s life and that will never change.

It’s all in the left eyebrow

When dogs frown it doesn’t necessarily mean they are angry, in fact if a dog raises his/her left eyebrow it means they are happy.

Those wet licks!

When a dog licks you, it’s their way of giving you a kiss you’ll never forget. If your dog licks you when you are feeling down, it’s their way of saying ‘hang in there’ and ‘I’m there for you’. That’s love!

Yoga pose

When your dog adopts the downward facing dog yoga pose around you, you can be sure he loves you dearly. Dogs don’t just show affection with their wet licks, but also with their positions; if dogs put themselves in vulnerable positions around you, then they love and trust you.

Your dog shares toys with you

Just like children, dogs have their favorite toys and if they are willing to share them with you, then it’s a definite sign they love you. After all, trusting someone else with your most precious possession isn’t to be taken lightly.

Leaps of happiness

If your dog leaps with joy and delight around you, then guess what?! You mean the world to your dog! Leaping and bounding are displays of affection in the canine world.

Playtime is the best time

A happy dog will want you to play as much as possible, whether it’s with a stick or any other toy. If you are your dog’s favorite playmate then love is in the air!

Your dog loves playing the star

If your dog plays up to your love and affection then you can count on his/her love for you! Dogs who let themselves be the center or attention and return the love are very happy in their owner’s company.

Morning snuggles

If not even your morning breath can put your loveable little friend off asking for a kiss first thing, then you guessed right, it's love!

Your dog protects you

Dogs are naturally protective of the people they love and care for, so don't be alarmed if your dog barks crazily at the mailman, it really is because your furry friend adores you!

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