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What Men REALLY Think About Sharing A Bathroom With You

So you’ve moved in with your boyfriend, or maybe he’s just staying over at yours tonight. But is he prepared for what he’ll see when he goes to take a shower in the morning? These are the questions that every guy wonders about a woman’s bathroom habits!

The struggles of sharing a bathroom

For you, your bathroom is your happy place, where you can relax, pamper yourself and make yourself look beautiful. But for him, it’s a crazy, chaotic and confusing place filled with scary-looking products and piles of hair….everywhere! Here’s what every man really thinks when he walks into your bathroom.

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Where does all this hair come from?!

In the shower, in the sink, on the floor, on the walls…there really is hair everywhere

Why are there clothes everywhere?

Draped over the bath, on the radiator or just on the floor, why do you treat the bathroom like a second wardrobe?

Do you really need this many hair grips?

There are hundreds of these little things scattered around! Can’t you just put them all in a little pot? Or shouldn’t they be actually in your hair?

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The bin is always full

I know we're comfortable in our relationship, but a bin overflowing with cotton pads, dirty tissues and other strange products...ew! 

So. Many. Products.

Are they curlers or some kind of weapon of torture? How does that even work? It’s best just to not touch anything and never ask...

Do you really need all of those creams?

Asking this question is dangerous. Cue an in-depth description of her beauty routine. ‘So, there’s my day cream, night cream, anti-aging, SPF, facemasks, body moisturizer…’

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Why so many towels?

Why not just use one big one? The answer is always the same: ‘Well, you obviously can’t use the same one for your body as for your face! Do you want me to break out?’

Are these hair straighteners designed just to burn me?

They’re always on and always about 1000 degrees, delicately placed on the side of the sink to burn me. A perfect way to start the day

Why are there 3 hairdryers in the drawer?

They’ll all different shapes and sizes, but I thought the point was just to dry the hair? So why are there three? And anyway, I much prefer your hair when you let it dry naturally

Actually, can I borrow that?

It’s true, her shampoo is better than mine. It smells so good and makes my hair so soft! And I might use a bit of your moisturizer too while I’m at it…

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