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Relationship Advice: 10 Secrets That You Should Never Tell Your Partner

It’s true that honesty is at the center of any good and healthy relationship, but there’s a difference between being honest and giving simply too much information! Here's some stellar relationship advice for you, your partner doesn't need to know everything and some things are better left unsaid if you want to avoid relationship problems.

Somethings are left better unsaid in relationships in order to avoid some serious drama! Honesty is often the best policy but when it comes to relationships, sometimes it's best to avoid revealing all of your secrets! Love is built on trust but what your partner doesn't know won't hurt them. 

Secrets to keep from your partner...

Trust is sacred but then again, so are protecting your partner's feelings and keeping your love match happy. Keeping secrets can be for the best in a relationship as you'll discover here. Discover the things you should NEVER burden your partner with!

You've snooped through their phone

Nearly half of married couples admit to reading their partner’s messages. If you have had a good look through their phone, it might be best not to tell them. You’ll only seem insecure, and they'll (rightly) be furious. So the next time you go to pick up their phone, remind yourself that you should trust each other! 

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You've been messaging your ex

If you and your ex are good friends, well, good for you! But don’t expect your partner to be as pleased. Don’t feelings of jealousy ruin your relationship by keeping your (hopefully innocent) messages to yourself.

Your best night

You know that amazing night that you’ll never forget? The one that makes you weak at the knees and makes your heart skip a beat when you think about it? The defining moment in your sexual life? Well, if it wasn’t with your current partner, don’t mention it…


Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes, even if we don’t like to admit it. But if your cheating ways are long behind you, think twice before you talk about it to your partner. That kind of thing will only worry them and plant seeds of doubt that won't do your relationship any favours.

Your search history

If you and your partner can talk about your taste in porn together then, well, you’re certainly a rare couple. But for most people, it’s better to keep that kind of thing to yourself, because it normally doesn’t go down too well…


Family is complicated. His parents disapprove of you, there’s tension between you…it happens to the best of couples. So it’s important to talk about it with your partner. But be careful what you say. The phrase ‘I don’t like your mother’ is never a good way to start a conversation, especially if she’s at the table with you…

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"I don’t like your [insert physical trait here]"

As we've said, nobody’s perfect. So you don’t like their nose, their haircut or um, other body parts? If it doesn’t change anything, it’s best not to mention it.

Compare them to your ex

In the heat of an argument, it's easy to make a nasty remark comparing your partner to your ex. But this ex is your ex for a reason. You’re not together anymore, so why bring them up? Trust us, it’s a topic to steer well clear of.

You fantasize about someone else

We all have our dream fantasies. But a fantasy, is just a fantasy. Do you really think that your partner needs to hear that you dream of Angelina (or Brad Pitt) ? And especially if their brother or sister is part of this fantasy, avoid telling them at all costs. Honestly.

It’s not as good as before…

If your sex life isn’t as interesting as it once was, it’s up to you both to do something about it. Talk to each other, try new things…Of course nobody wants to hear the words, ‘you don’t turn me on anymore’…

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Keep communication open

Although there are some things best kept behind closed doors, communication is key to a good relationship. Don't be too closed, try to be open with each other...where appropriate!

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