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20 Things People Struggle With In A New Relationship

Dating someone new is really exciting, but let’s be honest, it isn't always easy! Leaving the past behind and opening yourself up to new romance is complicated. So, let’s talk about the other side of new relationships and the struggles everyone faces with a new partner.

Love is a complicated game, especially at the start of a new relationship. Check out the struggles people face when they fall in love. New relationships represent different experiences for everyone and some people struggle more with them than others.

New relationship struggles…

Dating someone new is great fun and is also a great way of getting over previous heartbreak. When it comes to dating someone new and starting a new relationship not everything is also so straightforward and past dating demons can make a reappearance.

Space invasion

At the beginning of a new relationship, letting someone into your little personal bubble can be a real struggle. But, if you want your relationship to go anywhere, you have to break down your walls.

Less time alone

Going from being single and having lots of alone time, to having someone constantly there can be hard to get used to at first. You’ll soon realize that having someone there to support you is awesome.

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Totally opening up

Opening up to someone and letting them in on all your secrets can be tough at the start, but trust us when we say it’ll bring you closer together.

Bad habits

Getting used to having someone around and accepting their bad habits is certainly no walk in the park. Although, over time bad habits will turn to cute quirks that you can’t get enough of.

Past relationship talk

Talking about past relationships isn’t always an easy feat, especially if you were responsible for the breakdown of your any previous unions.

Being vulnerable

No one wants to get hurt when it comes to love, but to really let your partner in and to give love a chance, you need to make yourself vulnerable.

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The first fight

Every new couple dreads their first fight.  It’s true, the first fight sucks, but making up afterwards is so sweet!


Getting the balance right between your new love, your job, friends and family can be really complicated.

Taking things slowly

At the start of a new relationship, lots of people tend to want to dive into things and move at 100mph! Taking things slowly may seem difficult but it’s the best way to ensure a sound relationship for the future.

Conquering shyness

Being with someone new can bring out lots of your old insecurities that never seem to go away. Getting comfortable with someone may take a while but when your shyness is finally conquered things will be amazing!

Talking about the future

Wanting to talk about the future right away is a sign you are really into your new partner, which is great, but so is playing it cool and by ear.

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Making compromises

For relationships to work out, both partners need to make compromises, which is often easier said than done.

Losing a good thing

This is especially true if you have been hurt in the past. When you finally start dating someone you’re really into, the thought of losing them is hard to put to the back of your mind.


If you’ve ever been hurt or cheated on before in a relationship, learning to trust someone isn’t always easy. If you want things to work, leave the past in the past.

Reigning in the excitement

New relationships are naturally really exciting, but the key to a successful relationship is staying cool and not pressuring things. Let things take their natural course.

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Putting pressure on a new relationship is a recipe for disaster, so take your time and say 'I love you' only when it feels right. Take things at your pace.

Power struggle

Believe or not, many new relationships get off to a bad start because both partners want to wear the pants. Relationships aren’t about power, so remember to make compromises.

Forget about past relationships

Leaving the past in the past is not always an easy feat at the start of a new relationship. Forget about your bad relationship experiences and open yourself up to love and happiness.

Understanding your partner

New relationships involve learning about your partner, which sounds simple, right? Well, understanding your new partner is a completely different story.

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