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Love Advice: 10 Qualities Every Long-term Relationship Needs To Survive

Wondering whether your relationship will survive in the long-term? Serious relationships take hard work, and it can be hard to know if you guys will last in the long-run. But we’re here to help! If you can recognize these qualities in your relationship, then congrats, you might just have found your life partner!

Is your relationship the real deal? Or, will your relationship soon be over? Do you have what it takes to go the distance?

Relationship advice: Will your relationship last forever?

From trust to affection, check out these characteristics of a healthy relationship that will last forever

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Trusting each other 100% and not getting jealous is essential if you want your relationship to survive the long haul!


Someone who is kind and caring towards you is a key ingredient for any long-lasting relationship.


You NEED to be able to talk to each other openly and honestly. If you feel like you hide things from each other or worse, lie, how can your relationship survive?

Sense of humor

The best long-term couples are undoubtedly those that can make each other laugh. After all, what’s life without laughter and smiles?


Being in a serious relationship can be tough, so you need to be able to get through and see past any slipups or problems that you may encounter along the way!


A guy who is scared to commit to the future of your relationship is clearly not ready for things to get serious.


Being able to compromise is essential characteristic of a healthy long-term relationship!


Even the happiest of couples have arguments, but those that are meant to last will be able to forgive and forget- no grudges held!


A good sex life is obviously important for a relationship to survive, but affection also means those little hugs and kisses that say ‘I love you!’.

You’re in sync

You don’t have to have exactly the same career paths, but a couple with two completely different lifestyles is unlikely to be able to last for long!

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