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These 20 Dangerous And Toxic Behaviors Will Harm Your Relationship

Relationships are obviously wonderful things, but why do so many fail and turn sour? Surely the reasons for breakups go deeper than fighting over whose turn it is to do the laundry, or who has to pick the kids up from school. If you can relate to these 20 signs of toxic behaviour, your relationship might be on the rocks. Are you with a toxic person?

Toxic behaviour is one of the leading causes of failed relationships, so what constitutes to a toxic relationship? Have you ever experienced toxic behavior in a relationship with an ex? We reveal all!

Is toxic behavior harming your relationship?

Relationships are beautiful things which unify two kindred spirits. But they're not always the fairytale they cracked up to be...


Jealousy in any relationship is toxic and even more so in a marriage. Jealousy is an awful emotion and can trigger a total change of personality in some people; when the green eyed monster rears his head, things can get ugly.

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Marriage and relationships are all about give and take, sometimes we just need to accept that being committed to someone and loving them involves making compromises. Anything less than total acceptance in a relationship is completely toxic.

Controlling behavior

‘No you can’t go out with your girlfriends this Friday night, I wanted to do something special’. This is a typical phrase of a manipulating and controlling partner, who wants to isolate you from your loved-ones, it may seem pretty harmless, but in the long run it really isn’t. It's best that you realize it now.

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Being disrespectful in a relationship doesn’t simply mean having a bad attitude, it also covers being dismissive and indifferent towards to your partner’s opinions and views. Being disrespectful is a strong sign you are growing apart and that your marriage is breaking down.

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Lack of communication

Over time, a lack of communication can cause even the strongest of marriages to break down. Communication is the pillar of a relationship and when it’s lost, it’s really hard to get back; so remember to be open and honest about your feelings.

Lack of emotional intimacy

Feeling as if you have to bottle up your emotions and being unable to express yourself and how you feel are one of the main reasons couples grow apart. Even if you’ve been together for years, you still have to talk about your feelings.

Lost trust

Not being able to trust your partner is one of love's biggest killers. Trust is the bedrock of any good, solid relationship and once it’s gone, all hell will break loose! If you find yourself secretly checking your partner’s phone or playing Sherlock Holmes, you're in trouble.

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Separate lives

Our daily lives are often so hectic that when we eventually walk through the door in the evening, we just want to relax and forget about the day we’ve just endured. Although, isolating yourself isn’t the solution to keeping the spark alive, but date night is!

Loss of physical attraction

With time, our physical appearances change, however as we’re sure some would agree, change isn’t always a good thing! Letting yourself go physically coupled with a fading attraction and carnal desire for one another often has a very negative impact on your relationship.

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Lack of willpower

Marriage and relationships are tough, which means it’s just easier to ignore the warning signs that things perhaps aren’t going great,  putting them down to typical ups and downs that all couples go through. If you want to stay together, you need to fight for your union and partner.

Financial issues

Financial problems add endless stress to even the most solid of relationships and are without doubt one of the most toxic reasons that marriages hit trouble. Financial problems can drive people to be resentful of one another.

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Lack of appreciation

As the number of years you have been in a relationship tally up, often the appreciation you had for each other at the beginning of your union decreases. You take as given that your partner will always be there no matter how little effort you put in, but this may not be the case, so don't take things for granted.


Infidelity can certainly be hard to forgive and move on from, but if you want to make things work between you and your partner, you have to forget and move on. Holding grunges is a waste of energy and will prevent you from finding true happiness.

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Different visions

As times goes by, we evolve and so do our visions of the world and our goals. What we want at 20 years old will likely be vastly different to what we want at 40. If you can’t accept your partner’s new goals, the toxicity of your relationship will meet dangerous levels; you need to grow together not apart.

Unforgiving behavior

Forgiving someone when they’ve hurt you is never easy, especially when the person is close to us. To move forward in your relationship, you have to bury your resentments in the sand and look to the future. Dragging things up from years ago is completely unhealthy.

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Feeling insecure is a real relationship killer because it can trigger other rash emotions and drive you away from your partner. Try to address feelings of insecurity as soon as they crop up and work through them with your partner to fortify your trust.

Too little focus on your partner

Introducing children to the family equation changes everything and can often leave your partner feeling neglected and forgotten about. Children are amazing gifts, but dedicating all your time to your little ones can prompt feelings of jealousy and bitterness and drive an irreparable wedge in between you.

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Immature behavior is extremely toxic for relationships and can really drive partners apart, after all, no one in a relationship wants to feel as if they are dating a teenager!

Unrealistic expectations

Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will openly admit that Hollywood movies sell us false dreams when it comes to love stories. Going into a relationship with totally unrealistic expectations will give you an unwanted wakeup call.

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Listening to other people’s opinions on your relationship is very toxic, especially when they are negative. Talking to your friends and family about your relationship in a negative light can feel like a betrayal and is just asking for issues along the line.

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