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Insecure In Your Relationship? Here Are 10 Major Signs Confirm Your Doubts

We all have moments of doubts, but overriding feelings of insecurity and jealousy are NOT healthy in a relationship! Do you totally trust your partner, or do you have moments of doubt? Check out these 10 signs you are insecure in your relationship and see if you relate to them, if so it could be time to reassess your behavior and ask yourself if you really trust your partner….

Insecurity in a relationship comes from the fear of feeling threatened or inadequate in certain respects, are you insecure in your relationship? Has your partner given you a reason not to trust them? Insecurity can lead to intense jealousy and the breakdown of a relationship.

Relationship insecurity

From secretly checking their messages to getting jealous, check out these signs that you’re insecure in your relationship…

Shady phone checking

Every time they walk out the room and leave their phone unattended, you grab it and check their messages. This is the kind of behavior that just screams insecure!

You don’t want them to go out with their friends

You feel annoyed and nervous if he wants to go out with his guy friends and not you. This clearly shows that you feel insecure and don’t trust him. Give the guy some space!

You don’t want to go out without him

Because you can’t stand to leave his side, you also feel nervous going anywhere without him. Major insecurity alert!

Ex this, ex that…

It’s good to be open about exes, but do you constantly ask him about his ex? Or react weirdly if he ever mentions her? If so, then you obviously feel super insecure about it!

Social media stalker

When you constantly refresh his social media pages to check his activity, you know that you’ve got trust issues


It’s not a healthy, trusting relationship if you get jealous if your partner so much as even talks to another girl!

Location stalker

Do you need to always know where he is, every minute of the day? This is a major sign that you simply don't trust him!

You NEED reassurance

Am I pretty? Do you love me? Constantly needing compliments and reassurance is a big indicator that you feel insecure.

You avoid confrontation

Whilst arguing 24/7 isn’t healthy, neither is avoiding the slightest form of conformation. You’re clearly terrified of breaking up!

You need physical affection

Always demand hugs, kisses and physical affection? Being too clingy in this way is a major red flag that you don't feel secure enough in your relationship. 

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