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Spice Up Your Relationship This Summer With Our 30-Day Challenge

Relationships are full of ups and downs which explains why you can sometimes feel like you and your partner have hit a rut. As relationships progress and you become more and more comfortable with each other, some couples can fall into the trap of taking their foot of the gas and letting routine get in the way of passion. Take our 30-day challenge to get the spark back just in time for summer!

Once the initial honeymoon period is over a routine sets in, the passion and chemistry often take a hit. If you feel like the spark is fading from your relationship, here’s how to get it back just in time for summer. Summer is almost here which means it’s time to reignite your passion and intensify your relationship whilst the hot summer heat awakens your skin.

Relationship challenge: Inject some spice this summer

Miss the old days, when you and your partner couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Well, it’s time to get the electric chemistry back. Our 30-day relationship challenge will have you and your partner super sexually charged! Our daily challenges will bring you closer than ever before to your partner!

Day 1

Cuddle up on the couch watching a movie.

Succeed in love.

Day 2

Go for a late night walk and watch the sunset together.

Day 3

Make your partner’s favorite meal and crack open some wine.

Day 4

Leave your partner a cute little post-it telling them how much you love them.

Day 5

Sign up for a class together; dancing, pottery, anything!

Day 6

Treat your other half to a relaxing massage.

Day 7

Take a sensual bath or shower together.

Day 8

Surprise your partner with breakfast in bed.

Day 9

Go and see the movie your love has been wanting to see.

Make your relationship a success.

Day 10

Take a look through some old photos you took when you first started dating.

Day 11

Organize a romantic picnic with some amazing scenery and views.

Day 12

Go for a morning run together.

Day 13

Book a weekend minibreak.

Day 14

Have a technology free day and just talk.

Day 15

Put on some music and slow dance together.

Discover your romantic destiny.

Day 16

Write down three things you love about your partner and hide them around the house. It’s treasure hunt time.

Day 17

Make passionate love!

Day 18

Go on a date to a fancy restaurant.

Day 19

Get a little hands on and kiss passionately at least twice.

Day 20

Do something spontaneous for your partner.

Reignite the flame!

Day 21

Buy some sexy lingerie and model it.

Day 22

Bake a cake together.

Day 23

Go for a drive and head to your favorite spot.

Day 24

Stay up late talking and laughing.

Day 25

Complete a puzzle together.

Day 26

Go on a double date.

Day 27

Dress up, head out and go dancing.

Who is your perfect match?

Day 28

Go to see a show or concert together.

Day 29

Indulge in some serious PDA.

Day 30

Leave your partner a sexy voicemail.

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